Tucker Carlson dropped one brutal fact about Nikki Haley that left her seething with rage

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Nikki Haley has become the darling of the media and the Republican establishment.

She’s hoping to get one lifeline to continue her path to power.

And Tucker Carlson dropped one brutal fact about Nikki Haley that left her seething with rage.

Speculation is running rampant about who former President Donald Trump could choose as his running mate.

RINO former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is one of the names that’s been connected to the job.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed the rumors that she could become Trump’s Vice President during an interview with host Jack Posobiec on the Human Events Daily podcast.

“I was about to say there’s no one more sinister than Nikki Haley, but that’s giving her credit for existing, which I don’t think she actually does,” Carlson said. “I mean, but I think Nikki Haley is a hologram. Nikki Haley is just a physical representation of the lust for power of the oligarch class. It’s just like if Ken Griffin, you know, had a sock puppet, it would be Nikki Haley.”

Billionaire hedge mogul and moderate Republican megadonor Ken Griffin weighed backing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the Republican Presidential Primary and is now considering supporting Haley.

He was turned off by DeSantis signing a six-week abortion ban and his willingness to fight back in the culture wars.

Haley has vacuumed up money from Wall Street, Big Tech, and Democrat donors to fund her campaign.

“I mean, it’s like the most is why is Nikki Haley even in the race?” Carlson wondered. “Her views bear no resemblance to the views of Republican Primary voters. None. She’s totally for the BLM riot. She’s totally for the tranny insanity, and she’s for declaring war on half the world.”

Haley said that George Floyd’s death needed to be “personal and painful for everyone” for the country “to heal” on social media.

She’s folded like a cheap suit to the Left on radical gender ideologies.

“I honestly think if you said to Nikki Haley, you know, she’s whatever, I’ve got her positions now,” Carlson said. “But if you said Nikki Haley, look, I have a lot of money, like for real. Got $100 billion and I’ll give you a third of it to come out and attack Israel. There’s no question that she would, I mean this is a person who.”

Haley is ardently pro-Israel but Carlson speculated she would sing a different tune about the Jewish State if she was asked to by her big-money donors.

“She would just turn around on a dime just like that?” Posobiec asked.

“You know I’ve really thought about it and I think that Benjamin Netanyahu is the greatest threat to world peace and I think, honestly, we should take their nuclear weapons away,” Carlson remarked. “Maybe we invade Israel because they’re a threat to national security. I think she’d be saying stuff like that if you paid her enough.”

Nikki Haley is a relic of the Republican establishment that was beholden to big money donors over the conservative base.

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