Peter Doocy stumped Karine Jean-Pierre by asking one simple question

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the highlights of any press briefing is when Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy gets his turn at bat.

It’s the only time Jean-Pierre faces a real question.

And Peter Doocy stumped Karine Jean-Pierre by asking one simple question.

Doocy asks who is funding anti-Semitic protests

The Black Lives Matter insurrection in the summer of 2020 looked like an organized insurrection by groups on the Left.

Four years later, Americans are watching a similar scene play out.

The anti-Semitic protests cropping up on college campuses across the country all look like they are being run out of the same playbook.

Activists all dress the same, they all shout the same chants, all sleep in the same green tents.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre if the Biden administration is investigating to determine if these are paid protestors sent by foreign entities to sow chaos in America ahead of the election.

“Some of these encampments, they had matching tents we’re being told, that there are professional outside agitators involved. We don’t know if they’re being paid to sow chaos by domestic folks or foreign entities. Does President Biden want his administration to find out who is funding some of these protests?” Doocy asked.

Jean-Pierre ducks the question

Jean-Pierre refused to answer the question and passed the responsibility on to local officials.

“What I can say is—you know, um . . . I cannot uh . . . I cannot speak to the organizations that are being reported that are on the ground. That is not something for me to speak to. That is obviously something for local governments—local officials—I keep saying local governments, local officials, going to speak to,” Jean-Pierre began.

In an answer that was not at all reassuring, Jean-Pierre also claimed the weaponized Department of Justice and the FBI could answer that question.

“They’ll have better information on that. What we have said, and I don’t think I’ve iterated that yet from here is that DOJ and FBI is gonna continue to offer support to universities and colleges within respect to federal laws. That is what the DOJ and FBI is doing. As far as local organizations and what is all being reported on the ground, that is something that local law enforcement is certainly looking into,” Jean-Pierre continued.

No one believes those two entities would ever provide a real answer because they are the foot soldiers in the lawfare against Donald Trump and his supporters.

FBI Director Christopher Wray even once testified to Congress that Antifa was merely an idea.

Americans can’t have any faith the DOJ or FBI would actually investigate if anyone is paying these protestors.

New York City Mayor believes protestors are paid

New York City Mayor Eric Adams called the pro-terrorist sympathizers a collection of outside agitators with “history of escalating situations and trying to create chaos.”

Adams called them professional insurgents trained to cause disruptions.

“There were individuals on the campus who should not have been there. They were people who are professionals and we saw evidence of training,” Adams added.

Adams said these paid protestors preyed on kids and whipped them up into frenzy to manipulate them into joining influence operations to promote bigotry and sow discord.

“I know that there are those who attempting to say, ‘Well, the majority of people may have been students.’ You don’t have to be the majority to influence and co-op an operation. That is what this about,” Adams continued.

“This is a global problem that young people are being influenced by those who are professionals at radicalizing our children and I’m not going to allow that to happen as the mayor of the city of New York,” Adams concluded.

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