Joe Biden was steaming mad when this terrible truth about green energy was exposed

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Joe Biden is trying to fundamentally transform the country with his green energy revolution.

But there’s one huge problem that could torpedo his entire scheme.

And Joe Biden was steaming mad when this terrible truth about green energy was exposed.

Wind and solar energy have a fatal flaw

President Joe Biden’s top political priority has been spending hundreds of billions of dollars boosting green energy.

The centerpieces of his Green New Deal policies are wind and solar energy.

Wind and solar harness the limitless power of nature to produce green energy without any greenhouse gas emissions.

Biden claims that green energy will power the country in the future.

But what he neglects to mention as the salesmen-in-chief for wind and solar is their fatal flaw.

If the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, they don’t work.

Now the reliability of these green energy sources could be worse than anyone ever imagined according to a new study.

Biden and green energy groups have touted the advances that wind and solar have made under his administration.

The Associated Press claimed that last year set a record for wind turbine installations and the United States was one of the top countries for new wind development.

Wind energy power generation declines despite more capacity

Wind energy development has ramped up under Biden but this new capacity isn’t producing more energy.

Biden’s U.S. Energy Information Administration released a shocking report that found that electricity generated by wind energy declined last year.

“U.S. electricity generation from wind turbines decreased for the first time since the mid-1990s in 2023 despite the addition of 6.2 gigawatts (GW) of new wind capacity last year,” the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) stated.

The report noted that wind capacity had tripled from 2010 – when former President Barack Obama kicked off his green energy push – to 2023.

Center of the American Experiment energy experts Isaac Orr and Mitch Rolling blamed the decline on “wind droughts.”

“Wind droughts, or prolonged periods of low wind speeds, pose challenges for electricity systems largely reliant on wind generation,” Science Magazine reported.

Reliable forms of fossil fuel energy like natural gas have to fill the void when the wind stops blowing.

“Wind droughts can happen at any time and are fairly common. As regions of the country become more reliant upon wind turbines producing electricity during periods of high demand, they become more prone to electricity shortages during these wind droughts,” Orr and Rolling wrote in their Energy Bad Boys Substack.

The Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory released a report that some areas of the country are prone to energy droughts – where wind and solar energy don’t work because of the weather – for up to a week at a time.

And these energy droughts happen at the most inopportune times.

“We found that the severity of the droughts that happened during those periods of high load is higher than the severity on average during periods that are not during high load,” Dr. Cameron Bracken, one of the report’s authors, told Just the News.

Orr and Rolling pointed out that green energy mandates are causing states to take coal power plants offline.

“The problem isn’t that the wind stops blowing sometimes; the issue is that state carbon-free electricity mandates and federal regulations are pushing reliable, dispatchable power plants into retirement,” Orr and Rolling stated.

America’s energy future is in grave danger with an increasing reliance on wind and solar energy.

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