Nikki Haley’s hometown gave her one message about Donald Trump that left her stunned

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Nikki Haley is trying to get support anywhere she can find it in the GOP Primary.

She thought she could count on the people who know her best.

But Nikki Haley’s hometown gave her one message about Donald Trump that left her stunned.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has been humiliated in the Republican Presidential Primary by former President Donald Trump.

In her home state of South Carolina, she lost by roughly 20 points despite being twice elected governor.

Haley was searching for silver linings in her blowout defeat but there were none to be found.

Donald Trump cruises to victory in Nikki Haley’s hometown

The residents of Bamberg County, South Carolina had the rare opportunity to vote for the hometown candidate in the GOP Primary.

She was born and raised in the city of Bamberg, the county seat.

Haley struggled to find support among Republicans in South Carolina and her hometown of Bamberg was no exception.

Trump won Bamberg County with 65% of the vote compared to 35% for Haley.

Even in her home county, voters overwhelmingly decided to pick Trump over her.

Voters in Nikki Haley’s home county give her a brutal rejection

Jerome Boyce, who lives in the city of Denmark in Bamberg County, told National Public Radio (NPR) that he thought Haley did a good job as Governor but that he was still backing Trump.

“Trump has got it. Trump has a track record. Nikki Haley does not,” Boyce said.

Bamberg County Republican Party Chairwoman Sharon Carter couldn’t pick a side in the Primary because of her role in GOP leadership.

But she said that she was shocked by the support for Trump in Haley’s hometown.

“It is astonishing to me that people are choosing Trump in her hometown,” Carter said. “Because people who do know her know that she’s an authentically real person.”

Randy Maxwell and his wife live just a few blocks from the home that Haley grew up in.

He said that losing her home state wasn’t a good look for the former South Carolina Governor.

“It will not look good for any candidate if you don’t win your home state. Trump just has so much base that they’re not going to change,” Maxwell said.

Stephanie Crosby-Lee, a Democrat who grew up in Bamberg who’s backing President Joe Biden, encouraged Haley to keep going in the Primary.

“One thing I do know, she gave him a run for his money,” Crosby-Lee said.

Nikki Haley got trounced in a state where she served as Governor and even the voters in her home county rejected her campaign.

And the path ahead for her only gets harder as she moves into states where she doesn’t have the home-field advantage.

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