Nikki Haley went on Fox News and made this unimaginable attack on Donald Trump over the border

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Nikki Haley knows time is running out on her doomed Presidential campaign.

Haley’s throwing everything at the wall in hopes that something will stick.

And Nikki Haley went on Fox News and made this unimaginable attack on Donald Trump over the border.

Donald Trump’s declared the border betrayal that RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden support is a complete sham.

The bill legalizes just under 2,000,000 illegal aliens entering America each year and leaves border security measures at Joe Biden’s discretion.

Trump warned Republicans that no deal was better than a bad border deal as it would allow Biden to snooker the voters into thinking he solved the border crisis, when in reality Biden codified illegal immigration.

Never-Trump Fox News host Neal Cavuto asked Haley about Trump’s opposition to the border betrayal and his comments that Republicans should hold the line until he wins the election.

“You know, Donald Trump has famously said that Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. We’re going to have Senator Lankford with us shortly, who’s amazed at the response it’s getting and wondering if maybe that could be because Republicans, might feel that they’re in a better position not to have something like this, that it could help Joe Biden. It wouldn’t help them. How are you on this?” Cavuto asked Haley.

Haley’s hoping a Hail Mary effort will turnout Democrat voters in the February 24 South Carolina Primary, so she had to play to the Left by supporting this bill.

Haley blasted Republicans as “irresponsible” for tanking the border betrayal and also falsely claimed Trump sacrificed national security by leading the GOP opposition.

“There’s two things going on here, and we have to speak hard truths. First of all, everybody’s tired of a do-nothing Congress. I mean, can they do anything?” Haley began.

“Because we’ve seen nothing out of Republicans or Democrats. They have an inability to get anything done. The second thing is you can’t have Trump sitting there saying, don’t do anything until the election. We have a completely open border,” Haley added.

“America is acting like it’s September 10th, and we better remember what September 12th felt like, because it only takes one person across that border to create a 9/11 moment. We need this fix now. We need congressional members to stay in DC and not leave until they figure this out. When I look at the border,” Haley continued.

Nikki Haley’s unfavorable numbers with Republicans keep rising the longer she campaigns for President.

GOP voters are getting a good look at the real Nikki Haley and what they see is an establishment suck up who caters to the Left and her base in the media.

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