Nancy Pelosi made one admission about Joe Biden’s age that left CNN aghast

US Department of Labor, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats are trying to explain away poll numbers showing 86% of Americans think Joe Biden is too old to be President.

It’s proving to be easier said than done.

And Nancy Pelosi made one admission about Joe Biden’s age that left CNN aghast.

Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report about his conclusions in the investigation into President Joe Biden’s alleged mishandling of classified documents changed the calculus surrounding the 2024 election.

Hur wrote that Biden’s memory was so debilitated that no jury would convict him on charges of stealing classified documents.

Americans had seen videos of Biden talking to dead people, or trying to shake hands with the invisible man.

But a report from Biden’s own government declaring him too mentally incompetent to stand trial led to the natural conclusion that he is too feeble minded to serve as President.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was one of a parade of Democrats appearing on TV in the fashion of Soviet Russia where apparatchiks praised the leader and their five-year plans for lifting the Soviet economy to new heights of prosperity.

Pelosi relied on the idea that in private, Biden is a vigorous dynamo who can think and run circles around anyone else in the room.

“I’ve worked with the president for a long time, especially closely as speaker when he was president, and now since then, and he knows– I mean, he’s always on the ball,” Pelosi told host Anderson Cooper. “Anyone who would think that they’re at some advantage because of his age thinks that at their peril because he’s very sharp.”

Pelosi even tried a bit of self-deprecating humor in which she said she’s older than Biden.

“Well, I think that people do make mistakes. I think his age is one thing, that’s an objective fact. His making mistakes from time to time, we all do that. When the former, ex-president, defeated President Trump made a mistake about one thing or another, he would make the same mistake seven times. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue, it was a complete going down a path of something that wasn’t even true, intentionally or otherwise,” Pelosi added.

“So I think that, again, age is an objective fact. As I say, it’s all relative. He’s younger than I am, so what do I have to say about his age? But he is, again, knowledgeable, wise,” Pelosi concluded.

The problem for Democrats is all the evidence of Biden’s decrepit physical and mental state are on video for all to see.

The counterargument that Biden is just as sharp as he ever was rests on the public not believing their lying eyes, and trusting Democrats who say these private interactions with Joe Biden – that no one else is privy to – are the real Joe Biden.

And that is a case the vast majority of Americans are unwilling to buy.

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