Nancy Pelosi attacked Joe Biden for saying this one word

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Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are normally close allies.

But one moment from the State of the Union had Pelosi and Biden at each other’s throats.

And Nancy Pelosi attacked Joe Biden for saying this one word.

Biden flubs immigration during the State of the Union

Joe Biden delivered the most partisan and ugly State of the Union speech in American history.

Biden tried to ignore the crisis he created at the southern border for as long as possible.

But towards the end of the speech, Biden demanded Congress pass a border betrayal bill that would allow him to smuggle 5,000 illegal aliens per day into America.

At that point, Republicans began heckling Biden about Laken Riley, the nurse killed by an illegal alien Joe Biden released into the country when she went for a run on the University of Georgia campus.

Ever since Riley’s death, Biden avoided saying her name.

But Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene challenged Biden to say Riley’s name.

Biden flubbed the opportunity calling her “Lincoln Riley”- the name of the University of Southern California head football coach – while saying an “illegal” killed her.

Pelosi attacks Biden

Appearing on CNN after the speech, Pelosi didn’t take issue with Biden insulting the name of a young woman murdered by an illegal alien by getting her name wrong.

Nor was Pelosi put off by the fact that Biden didn’t announce executive orders to seal the border.

What had Pelosi crossways with Biden was the fact that he used the word “illegal” to describe Riley’s killer as opposed to more woke-friendly language.

The scene played out in a wild interview in the post-game coverage of the State of the Union.

“Madam Speaker, one of the clearly ad-libbed moments was during the section about immigration,” CNN’s Dana Bash began by asking Pelosi.

Instead of responding to the exchange by trying to defend Biden, Pelosi lamented Biden’s language.

“Now he should have said ‘undocumented,’ but that’s not a big thing, ok? What’s the big thing?” Pelosi replied.

“I actually wasn’t even gonna ask about that,” Bash responded. “I was just gonna ask more about the moment. But you do think that he should have said ‘undocumented?’ That wasn’t going to be my question.”

Pelosi refused to get back on topic and doubled down on attacking Biden over his use of the word “illegal.”

“Well, we usually say ‘undocumented.’ He said ‘illegal.’ I don’t think it’s a big deal. I don’t think it’s a big deal because I think his focus was on the sympathy for the family. It’s a terrible tragedy,” Pelosi stated.

“It’s a terrible situation that anybody losing a child or a family member. It’s a terrible situation, but I think he handled it well,” Pelosi concluded.

Democrats are truly the party of open borders.

Even the one time Biden managed to speak truthfully about an illegal alien, his usual number one defender couldn’t help but attack him.

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