Michelle Obama made an announcement about running for President that caught many Democrats by surprise

Photographer for Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign, Chuck Kennedy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrat Party officials know Joe Biden will have a hard time defeating Donald Trump in November.

Donald Trump recently said he expects Democrats to replace Joe Biden with someone else over the summer.

And Michelle Obama just made an announcement about running for President that caught many Democrats by surprise.

Biden has a problem

Joe Biden is in trouble.

His age and senility are a major issue, with polls showing more than three fourths of Americans already believe he is incapable of serving another term in the White House.

But his age and cognitive decline are not the only problems for Joe Biden’s re-election.

Joe Biden’s open borders agenda has created the worst illegal immigration crisis in recent history, with record breaking numbers of illegal aliens entering the country on his watch.

Inflation is high and many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make ends meet.

Crime is out-of-control in major cities nationwide and Americans are growing more and more concerned about the possibility of World War III.

Polls show Donald Trump beating Joe Biden nationally and in all seven of the swing states that will determine the outcome in November.

Biden’s lawfare backfires

Of course, Democrats were counting on Joe Biden’s lawfare to take care of his Donald Trump problem.

But Biden’s lawfare backfired and Donald Trump is stronger than ever after Americans saw firsthand how it was all a political hit job.

Rumors have been circulating for months that Democrats were planning to replace Joe Biden with another candidate at the convention this summer.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has been a top name floating around in Democrat circles as a potential replacement for Joe Biden.

But that would create issues with Kamala Harris since Newsom is a white man and Democrats are beholden to identity politics.

Michelle Obama for President?

However, one replacement that would not create that type of division is former First Lady Michelle Obama.

During an appearance on Fox News, Trump told host Maria Bartiromo that he doesn’t believe Joe Biden will be his opponent this fall.

Michelle Obama raised her public profile in recent years, leading many to believe she could be Biden’s replacement.

But Michelle Obama has repeatedly denied any interest in running for President.

And in a new statement from the former First Lady, she once again declared she is not running for the highest office in the land and will be supporting Biden.

“As former First Lady Michelle Obama has expressed several times over the years, she will not be running for president,” Crystal Carson, director of communications for her office, said in a statement. “Mrs. Obama supports President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ re-election campaign.”

Michelle Obama claims she is not running.

But right now no one really knows if she’s bluffing or not.

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