Megyn Kelly went nuclear on Rachel Maddow for this absurd lie about Donald Trump

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MSNBC host Rachel Maddow suffers from extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome.

That possibility of him returning to the White House is causing her to lose it.

And Megyn Kelly went nuclear on Rachel Maddow for this absurd lie about Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump was hit with a $83.3 million judgment in a bogus defamation lawsuit by magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly torched the media coverage of Carroll since she launched her frivolous lawsuit against Trump.

Carroll was a frequent guest on Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC over the years.

Kelly pointed out that Maddow was “giddy” whenever she interviewed the magazine columnist.

She played a clip from Maddow’s show to illustrate this point.

“E. Jean Carroll and her lawyer Robbie Kaplan have proven in a court of law that Trump cannot tell lies with impunity,” Maddow ranted in a May 2023 interview with Carroll. “They have done that for the country.”

“The ability to lie without shame and without any sort of tell, without any sort of remorse about it whatsoever, and about even the most important things, have always seemed like a political superpower to him,” Maddow raved. “You’ve turned it into the opposite.”

The former Fox News host said that Maddow’s superpower was to be able to lie “with impunity.”

“No self-awareness!” Kelly said after playing the clip. “‘The ability to lie with impunity without any tell is a superpower.’ Yes, and you have it, madam! You exercised it for four years while he was in the White House.”

Maddow pushed the absurd Russian collusion hoax during Trump’s Presidency.

Kelly compared Maddow’s interview with Carroll to when she interviewed a cadre of women who claimed they were assaulted by Trump – and came forward for the first time after he was a Republican Presidential candidate – while she was at NBC in 2017.

She interviewed three women who accused Trump, including Jessica Leeds who claimed that he groped her in a jet in the 1970s.

Kelly remembered pressing Leeds on how that could have happened in the first-class cabin of a commercial flight without anyone noticing.

“I’m certainly not a ‘believe all women’ person, but I’m not a ‘believe no women’ person either … You don’t have to make it uncomfortable and painful when you’ve got somebody who’s claiming they were sexually assaulted. I get that there needs to be a ginger approach,” Kelly said. “But you don’t have to be completely derelict in your duties as a journalist.”

“When I was interviewing those women while I was at NBC, I wasn’t some huge fan of Trump. I was very open-minded to the fact that he might have done it,” Kelly continued. “But I had to ask those tough questions of the women because it’s our job.”

Rachel Maddow is a Democrat activist masquerading as a journalist.

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