Megyn Kelly revealed the smoking gun that could send Fani Willis to jail

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It’s not been a good run for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

And it looks like there could be more bad news on the way.

And Megyn Kelly revealed the smoking gun that could send Fani Willis to jail.

Megyn Kelly reports on text messages that undercut Willis and Wade testimony in disqualification hearing

The key question facing Judge Scott McAfee about disqualifying Willis from Donald Trump’s RICO trial in Georgia about the 2020 election case is if Willis hired Nathan Wade as special prosecutor while they were having an affair, and if Willis’ running a two-year investigation gave the appearance of stretching the matter out so her lover could feather his nest and pay for the two to take luxury vacations.

Both Willis and Wade testified their affair began in 2022, which would be after Willis brought Wade on board the case.

Megyn Kelly read text messages from defense lawyer Ashleigh Merchant – who filed the original motion to disqualify Willis – to Wade’s former law partner Terrance Bradley, where Bradley confirmed that Willis and Wade began their sexual relationship prior to Willis making Wade special prosecutor in the Trump case.

“Do you think it started before she hired him?” Merchant wrote to Bradley.

“Absolutely. It started when she left the DA’s office and was judge in South Fulton,” Bradley wrote back, adding that “. . . she became a judge in 2019 . . .”

Merchant responded with a thumb’s up emoji.

“They met at the Municipal Court CLE conference,” Bradley added.

Willis and Wade may face perjury charges

If Judge McAfee disqualifies Willis from the case that would force the state of Georgia to find a new prosecutor for this case.

And that could provide a convenient off ramp for authorities to make the case go away by either not assigning it to a new prosecutor or finding one who realizes the charges are too tainted by politics and Willis’ misconduct.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the matter.

Kelly contends that Willis and Wade could both face disbarment and jail time for lying on the witness stand.

“These two lied on the stand and need to be disqualified and potentially disbarred and they will be lucky if they are not brought up on felony charges, which requires a fine and or jail time in Georgia. The Georgia State Senate is going to have its hands full and so is an independent special prosecutor who needs to be brought in to look into these two. We do need a special prosecutor not against Trump, against Willis and wait to figure out whether two previously respected officers of the court took the stand and lied under oath under oath about material facts. That’s what will make it perjury. These are material facts . . .” Kelly stated.

There are mountains of text messages, cell phone data, and witness testimony that completely undercut the story Willis and Wade told on the stand.

It could very well be that the only people looking at a prison sentence, when all the smoke clears, are Fani Willis and Nathan Wade.

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