Megyn Kelly dismantled San Francisco’s “Woke Kindergarten” with one epic takedown that will have you cheering

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The woke mind virus is spreading throughout the government-controlled educational system.

Government schools are using taxpayer money to indoctrinate students with woke insanity.

And Megyn Kelly dismantled San Francisco’s “Woke Kindergarten” with one epic takedown that will have you cheering.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly appeared on Sky News Australia to break down the scandal over “Woke Kindergarten.”

A San Francisco-area elementary school spent $250,000 in federal tax dollars to hire “Woke Kindergarten” – a for-profit company – to turn around students’ dismal math and reading test scores.

“There’s something called ‘Woke Kindergarten’ going on here in America, and it’s an actual federal program that states or cities are paying to bring into their kindergartens,” Kelly explained. “Kindergarten is you’re five, you’re five years old.”

She said that her 10-year-old son’s top priority in kindergarten was goofing off in class.

“Now what they’re doing, these kindergarteners out in the Bay area of course, near San Francisco, is bringing in some lunatic who goes by they, of course, and calls herself … an abolitionist early educator,” Kelly said. “She’s an abolitionist early educator, goes in and she offers this program, which they’re eating up at this school in which two-thirds of the students are still learning English. Like English is their second language and she tells these children that they need to confront white supremacy, disrupt racism and oppression.”

Glassbrook Elementary in Hayward, California hired Akiea Gross to bring her “Woke Kindergarten” program into their government school classroom.

Kelly pointed out that one of the questions asked to the kindergarteners struggling with math and reading was how Palestine could be rebuilt if the U.S. defunded the Israeli military.

“They offer the woke word of the day, including strike, ceasefire, and protest, offering a language of the resistance to introduce them to liberatory vocabulary,” Kelly continued.

She added that the woke indoctrination program offered “lil comrade convos” that taught students how to think about a world without police, money, or landlords.

After the students were indoctrinated with the “Woke Kindergarten” program, the government school saw its students’ English and math scores plummet to unprecedented lows.

“And when the San Francisco Chronicle, kudos to this paper for doing its homework, called up to say, what are you doing, they defended the program and said, well we’re no longer on the state watch list for struggling schools, only to find out from the reporter that not only are you the still on the watch list, but you’ve moved down it,” Kelly said. “You’re worse off than ever as a result.”

Sky News’ Paul Murray joked that the next stage for “Woke Kindergarten” was to hold it on the side of the road in tents with no police and landlords.

Gross, who runs the program, believes that the U.S. and Israel have no right to exist.

Kelly said that the woke activist who masquerades as an “educator” previously made headlines for claiming that children could use the word “tree” as their preferred pronoun.

“She’s a they and your kid could be a tree if only he could find his way into her class,” Kelly joked.

“Woke Kindergarten” proves that Democrats will sink to any low in their crusade to indoctrinate students into woke extremism.

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