Megyn Kelly blew the whistle on this dirty trick by Joe Biden to win the election

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden’s back is against the wall heading into November’s election.

He’s scrambling to find a way to save his Presidency.

And Megyn Kelly blew the whistle on this dirty trick by Joe Biden to win the election.

President Joe Biden is trying to shore up his support with young voters before the General Election.

One poll after another shows that this normally Democrat-leaning demographic is slipping away from him.

To get young voters back on his side, he turned to the time-tested tactic of trying to bribe them before the election.

Joe Biden illegally cancels more than one billion dollars in student loans

The President is trying to cancel student loan debt in a bid to woo young voters who have been wavering on his campaign.

Biden tried to unilaterally cancel student loan debt for 40 million borrowers during the summer before 2022’s Midterm Elections but was later smacked down by the Supreme Court.

Since that defeat, the Biden administration has been trying to cancel student loans in smaller chunks to try and avoid another court challenge.

Biden’s Education Department announced that it was canceling more than $1.2 billion in student loans for 153,000 Americans who were on a federal repayment plan.

Nearly three million Americans have had $138 billion in student loans canceled by the Biden administration through executive action after his latest announcement.

The Supreme Court previously ruled that Biden didn’t have the authority to cancel student loan debt without an act of Congress but he’s plowing ahead anyway with a critical election looming.

Megyn Kelly blasts Biden for taking his “magic eraser” to student loan debt

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly unloaded on Biden for “taking his magic eraser” to student loan debt during an episode of her SiriusXM show.

“This is a moment for us to applaud those people on just waiting out the system long enough that they finally got a President who wants their vote badly enough he’s just gonna take out his magic eraser,” Kelly said.

Kelly said that Biden knows he’s in trouble for the election so he’s turned to handing out freebies.

“The Supreme Court blocked Biden’s sweeping student loan ‘forgiveness’ plan last June and ever since then he’s been trying to do an end around that prohibition,” Kelly continued “He’s ‘canceled’ debt for almost 3.9 million borrowers totaling around 138 billion in relief.”

By canceling some student loan debt, it keeps the hope alive for the rest of the borrowers that more is coming.

“We’re supposed to believe that he has no consequence,” Kelly exclaimed. “He just waved it away with his magic wand, so good on them and woe is the rest of us, you know, the losers who paid their debt.”

The former Fox News host predicted that Biden would turn to more gimmicks like this because he’s too feeble to campaign anymore.

“He can’t do live events,” Kelly said. “Apparently, I mean, we’re going to see him at the State of the Union. We’ll find out whether he can read off a prompter, but he can’t do like a Trump rally, for, forget it. Certainly, couldn’t do a live debate.”

Now Joe Biden is going to reach deep into his bag of tricks to try and buy himself a second term.

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