Matt Gaetz just called out Joe Biden for the dangerous thing his administration is doing

Joe Biden is behaving like an authoritarian.

His unconstitutional vaccine mandate is one of the most flagrant violations of liberty seen in decades.

And Matt Gaetz just called out Joe Biden for the dangerous thing his administration is doing.

Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida ripped the authoritarian moves of the Biden administration.

He specifically pointed to the Department of Justice going after parents who speak out against the establishment at school board meetings.

Gaetz said:

“I’m on the judiciary committee. I think nothing is more dangerous right now than the weaponization of the Justice Department against people who show up at school board meetings, because that paves the way for such a broad targeting, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland sicced the FBI on parents who were potential “terror” threats because they showed up at school board meetings.

This is what happens when people question the regime in any way.

A mother in Virginia, which became ground zero for the fight against radical indoctrination in schools, pointed out that unmarked cars and helicopters were present at a school board meeting.

Gaetz also laid out an effective strategy for when Republicans take back the House in the midterms.

Gaetz wants to use Congress as an oversight body instead of passing bills that Biden will veto.

He said:

“In the Ryan years, they would pass all these bills, they would get Obama to veto them, and then they would claim that as some sort of moral victory. And then when we got power, and we had Trump in the White House — they wouldn’t put the same bills on Trump’s desk…So why not use the committee process to expose the truth to the American people, and how these terrible choices the Biden administration is making is actually making their lives worse? … I would use our healthcare committees to get the bottom of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and their role in this virus.”

Gaetz is outlining what the GOP needs to do, which is why he has been attacked so ferociously by the corporate-controlled press and even establishment RINOs.

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