Kevin O’Leary is ready to make one major deal that put Washington, D.C. on notice

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Kevin O’Leary became famous as one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s Shark Tank.

But now he stumbled across the biggest investment opportunity of his career.

And Kevin O’Leary is ready to make one major deal that put Washington, D.C. on notice.

Congress is debating a bill that would ban controversial social media app TikTok if its Chinese owner ByteDance didn’t sell it within six months.

TikTok is spyware that harvests data on its users that is sent back to China and has been accused of promoting woke, anti-American, and even dangerous content to young Americans.

Kevin O’Leary ready to make a deal for TikTok

O’Leary Ventures Chairman, Kevin O’Leary, announced that he was ready to make a deal to buy TikTok if ByteDance sells it during an appearance on Fox News.

“It’s not going to get banned because I’m going to buy it,” O’Leary said. “Somebody’s going to buy it. It won’t be Meta and it won’t be Google because a regulator will stop that. A syndicate will be formed. I would like to be involved, obviously.”

Federal antitrust regulators would likely block a potential sale of TikTok to one of the established Big Tech companies.

That could open the door for O’Leary and investors to snatch it up.

“What I would do is form a bipartisan committee, an advisory committee for 18 months, go to them and I’d say to them, ‘How much will you let me keep of the Chinese?’ In other words, can we offer them 20% of NUCO [National Underwriter Company] and then everything else, hire an American CEO, American board, move the servers here to the United States, rewrite the code so we can shut out the Chinese back doors, ’cause that’s what everybody wants,” O’Leary added. “But you can leave a taste for the Chinese and we’ll put a mandate in place they get to keep 20%.”

TikTok has become the most popular social media platform for younger Americans.

That’s turned into a way to potentially influence the minds of impressionable youth but also makes it coveted by advertisers.

O’Leary said that his companies have begun to use it for their social media advertising.

Shark Tank star wants politician’s blessing to close deal

“This is worth billions,” O’Leary said. “It’s one of the most successful advertising platforms in social media today. All my companies use it. I’ll buy it. I can put a syndicate together of debt and equity as long as I can get the blessing of the House. Because nobody wants to fund this thing if they think it will buck politically. But if we make it all-American including the servers, I can get this deal done. I want to buy it.”

Kevin O’Leary could come up with a deal to save TikTok while removing its Chinese control.

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