Joe Biden set a new record for Democrat Presidential campaigns that could spell trouble for Donald Trump

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November is lining up to be a rematch of the 2020 election.

Polls show Donald Trump leading Joe Biden both nationally and in the seven key swing states that will determine the outcome in November.

But Joe Biden set a new record for Democrat Presidential campaigns that could spell trouble for Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is facing a growing list of obstacles he must overcome before November in order to convince Americans to give him another four years in the White House.

Polls have been showing that the overwhelming majority of Americans already believe Biden is too old to serve another term in office.

Biden’s senility is on full display every time he appears in public.

But his age and mental decline are not the only obstacles in the way of a second term for Joe Biden.

Inflation is high, the border crisis is out-of-control, crime is skyrocketing, homelessness is up, and Americans are worried about the possibility of Biden leading the country into World War III with Russia.

An NBC News poll showed Joe Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 37 percent.

Except for George W. Bush during his second term, no President in the history of this poll has had their approval ratings drop as low as 37 percent.

But not all is doom and gloom for Joe Biden’s campaign.

Tuesday was the Federal Election Commission deadline for Presidential campaigns, party committees, and certain other groups to report their latest fundraising totals.

And the numbers show Joe Biden raised a massive $42 million in January.

“President Joe Biden raised more than $42 million for his presidential campaign and the Democratic Party in January, a sizable haul that shows the party’s donor class is still firmly behind the president despite anxiety around his reelection run,” CNN reported. “The campaign announced it ended the month with $130 million on hand, the largest figure amassed by a Democratic presidential candidate at this point in the campaign cycle,” CNN continued. “The Biden campaign and Democrats have so far outpaced former President Donald Trump and the Republican primary field in fundraising as well.”

Overall, Joe Biden has $130 million in the bank to spend on defeating Donald Trump, who is facing hundreds of millions of dollars in legal bills.

Joe Biden’s campaign celebrated the results as proof of a “powerhouse grassroots.”

“January’s fundraising haul – driven by a powerhouse grassroots fundraising program that continues to grow month by month – is an indisputable show of strength to start the election year,” campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said in a statement. “While Team Biden-Harris continues to build on its fundraising machine, Republicans are divided — either spending money fighting Donald Trump, or spending money in support of Donald Trump’s extreme and losing agenda.”

Of course, incumbent Presidents historically have a fundraising advantage this early in an Election Year.

In 2020, Donald Trump and the RNC had a lead over Joe Biden and the DNC at this point in the race.

But a strong fundraising report was the first positive news from the Biden campaign in weeks.

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