Joe Biden is down by double digits on one key issue that could put Donald Trump back in the White House

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Joe Biden’s re-election efforts are growing more difficult by the day.

The country is facing an array of problems and voters are deeply concerned about Biden’s mental fitness for office.

And now Joe Biden is down by double digits on one key issue that could put Donald Trump back in the White House.

For the past several weeks, polls have shown Donald Trump leading Joe Biden both nationally and in all seven of the top battleground states that will determine the election.

The flood of illegal aliens into the country unleashed by Joe Biden’s open borders agenda is now the top issue facing voters heading into November.

But even though immigration is now the top issue, the economy always ends up as the issue that determines a Presidential election.

As Bill Clinton’s former advisor James Carville famously said, “it’s the economy, stupid.”

And some of Joe Biden’s worst marks are on the economy.

According to a new poll released by Financial Times/University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Donald Trump is now leading Joe Biden by double digits among registered voters on who would be better to handle the economy.

42 percent of respondents chose Donald Trump compared to just 31 percent for Joe Biden.

21 percent said they did not trust Donald Trump or Joe Biden to handle the economy.

But that was not the only troubling news for Joe Biden in the poll.

Only 27 percent of voters answered that they feel the economy is either “good” or “excellent” and less than half approve of how Joe Biden is handling it.

According to the pollsters, the results highlighted the “sharp partisan divide” in America.

“The poll pointed to the sharp partisan divides that are weighing on Biden’s approval ratings,” the Financial Times reported. “Seventy-one percent of Democrats said they approved of Biden’s handling of the economy, compared with just 5 percent of Republican voters.”

“But the survey also laid bare differences between different demographic groups,” the Financial Times added. “Trump continues to enjoy significant strength among lower-income Americans, suggesting the recent boom is not being felt equally across the economic divide.”

Of course, this is not the only recent poll that showed Joe Biden is in trouble with voters on the economy.

A recent ABC/IPSOS poll found similar results.

The poll showed 43 percent of voters trust Donald Trump to handle the economy compared to 31 percent for Joe Biden.

It also found Donald Trump leading Joe Biden on several other issues like crime and the border crisis.

Joe Biden is in trouble.

Democrats know it and many believe they will replace Joe Biden before November.

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