Jay Leno just took delivery of this first of its kind muscle car from Dodge and it’s a real beast

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The race to go green is hitting some speed bumps.

But Hollywood legend Jay Leno is proving the muscle car is not dead yet.

And Jay Leno just took delivery of this first of its kind muscle car from Dodge and it’s a real beast.

It turns out the fears of the great muscle car’s demise were premature.

He fell in love with the car

Renowned television host, comedian, and well-known automotive enthusiast Jay Leno fell in love with the new Dodge Challenger Demon 170.

He first spotted the car at its unveiling in Las Vegas.

Leno even took it for a spin with Dodge brand CEO Tim Kuniskis, and learned what makes this Demon of a car so fantastic and unique.

In fact, Leno liked it so much he decided to purchase the car for himself.

In a recent video posted by DPCcars, Leno is shown as he takes delivery of a ravishing Octane Red Dodge Challenger Demon 170 at the famous Vinsetta Garage restaurant on Woodward Avenue.

Leno became the first customer to take possession of the new Demon.

According to an article in Muscle Cars and Trucks, the car was delivered to Leno after the company announced “an innovative range of co-branded car care commodities consisting of Direct Connection, Dodge’s performance products division, and the distinguished realm of Jay Leno’s Garage.”

“In a strike towards a fresh initiative, over twenty premier car detailing and car wash items will come under the Direct Connection/Jay Leno’s Garage banner. A Direct Connection quick detailer, Direct Connection Interior detailer, and Direct Connection all-purpose cleaner will be included. However, that’s just a glimpse into an even more comprehensive lineup. Not that anyone should be surprised, as it’s no secret that Leno takes excellent care of his cars,” the article added.

How many Dodge Demons will be made?

But beyond the exquisite care package in the deal with Leno, the Dodge Demon is special all on its own.

Considering that Jay Leno’s Garage is known for its many top-tier automobiles, it shouldn’t be too surprising the 1,025-horsepower Demon 170 has joined his collection.

This is just one of many Dodge Demon 170s to be produced by the muscle car manufacturer.

Though reservations were accepted shortly after it was revealed, Kuniskis recently spoke with Muscle Cars and Trucks and said there’s a chance Dodge’s 3,300 unit production goal might not be met by the December 31, 2023 goal.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I was very, very, very careful . . . when we launched the Demon that I said that we want to build 3,300,” Kuniskis told the magazine. “Everyone keeps saying we’re building 3,300, but I’m like, ‘guys, I never told you we’d build 3,300.’ I said, ‘up to,’ and I don’t know if we’ll get there. If everything goes smooth, yeah, we’ll hit it.”

For now, Leno has his.

Hopefully more will be ready for delivery soon.

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