Hunter Biden made one huge mistake that could land him in prison

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Hunter Biden is preparing to stand trial.

But Biden did himself no favors with his latest stunt.

And Hunter Biden made one huge mistake that could land him in prison.

Experts question wisdom of Hunter Biden’s media blitz

Hunter Biden recently granted left-wing political gossip site Axios an interview where he claimed the future of American democracy depended on him remaining sober through the November election.

George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley remarked on Fox News that Hunter Biden’s biggest worry was staying out of jail based on some of the statements he made to Axios where said he only got sober months after he filled out the background check form.

Turley explained that Hunter Biden torpedoed his arguments his defense lawyer intended to make in court to try and get him off charges he lied on a federal background check form when he checked a box saying he wasn’t addicted to drugs or alcohol.

“I think he [Biden] should worry less about democracy and more his liberty,” Turley declared. “I think the problem with his interview with Axios is that he blew away the suggested defense of his counsel, Abbe Lowell. Lowell suggested that he might argue that he was in a period of sobriety when he signed the statement falsely. He contradicts that and says that his first day of sobriety was actually the day before his father announced for president. It was the day of his wedding, that’s eight months after he signed that form.”

Hunter Biden also plans Second Amendment defense

Joe Biden spent 36 years in the Senate, eight years as Vice President, and four years as President trying to ban and confiscate firearms from law-abiding American citizens.

Turley also marveled at the idea that Hunter Biden is going to try and argue the law he violated is unconstitutional gun control, as it denies law-abiding Americans who haven’t been convicted of a crime their Second Amendment rights.

“So he doesn’t leave a lot of runway for the defense and the curious thing, Bret, is they appear to be moving towards either challenging the statute, this law that Joe Biden has championed, or adopting arguments from the NRA, arguing that his Second Amendment rights are being violated. Either way, it’s a rather otherworldly position for a Biden,” Turley added.

Hunter Biden is headed to trial.

But no one thinks he’s actually going to jail.

Political insiders believe that once the election is over – win or lose – Joe Biden will pardon Hunter Biden.

But the decision to spare his son prison could put extra heat on Joe Biden to issue a pardon to Donald Trump should Democrats manage to produce a conviction in one of the show trials they have planned for Trump before the election.

Pardoning his son but sending Trump off to prison would prove once and for all that Biden weaponized the justice system for his personal and political benefit.

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