Democrats were blindsided by news that seven of their members were under investigation and this could be the undoing of the party

The blowback from the January 6 riot at the Capitol doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon.

But in a strange twist of fate, it’s the Democrats who are on the defensive now.

Now the Democrats are finding seven of their members under investigation, which could be the party’s undoing.

Seven Democrat Senators led by Rhode Island’s Sheldon Whitehouse recommended that Republican Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz be investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee for supposedly inciting the January 6 Capitol riot by challenging the Electoral College results.

Whitehouse was joined by Democrats Tim Kaine, Mazie Hirono, Ron Wyden, Tina Smith, Richard Blumenthal, and Sherrod Brown in his push to have Cruz and Hawley investigated.

But Senator Hawley is fighting back.

As he should be!

Hawley sent a letter of his own to the Ethics Committee recommending they investigate the seven Democrats for trying to punish two colleagues for a lawful action taken in accordance with the Constitution.

Hawley’s letter stated, “The idea that one Senator who disagrees with another Senator can therefore have that Senator punished, sanctioned, censured, or removed is utterly antithetical to our democracy and the very idea of open, lawful debate.”

Hawley’s letter said that he would not respond in-kind by demanding the seven Democrats resign from the Senate because he supports a free and open exchange of political ideas.

“In light of the shameful abuse of the ethics process you have deliberately engaged in, I have considered whether I should call for you to resign or be expelled from the Senate,” Hawley said. “But I continue to believe in the First Amendment, which the US Supreme Court has repeatedly said protects even ‘offensive’ and malicious speech, such as yours.”

It’s no secret that the Democrats have conservatives marked for destruction, and right now, Cruz and Hawley are in the crosshairs.

The Democrats biggest concern is that both Hawley and Cruz are strong 2024 contenders who can mobilize Donald Trump’s base and win back the White House for the GOP.

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