BLM radicals were grinning ear to ear after what this city just did for them

Black Lives Matter has destroyed billions of dollars in property and ended countless lives.

Democrats are all too happy to excuse their bloodlust.

And BLM radicals were grinning ear to ear after what this city just did for them.

Since the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter has been on a rampage in every major city across the nation. 

They have assaulted and killed police and civilians, destroyed large and small businesses, and even tried to separate from the country via “autonomous zones.”

Their wave of terror still rages in cities like Portland to this day, and political stunts like making “Juneteenth” a national holiday have only made it worse.

But if there’s one thing radical leftists like to do, it’s bail out their rabid followers and cronies when they get into sticky situations.

And New York City just gave a big free pass to BLM radicals.

According to NBC New York, New York City’s district attorneys’ have dropped hundreds of charges against rioters and looters who were arrested in 2020. 

The Daily Caller reports: 

Out of the 485 arrests in Manhattan connected to rioting and looting, 222 have allegedly been dropped and 73 are convicted of minor crimes that do not require jail time, NBC New York reported. Currently, 128 cases remain open and another 40 were sent to family court as it involves minors.

Over 60% of charges were reportedly dropped in the Bronx, with 73 of the 118 charges being dropped, with 19 getting convicted on lesser counts, The New York Post reported.

Jessica Betancourt, an eyeglass shop owner in the Bronx who had her business destroyed by looters responded, saying “Those numbers, to be honest with you, is disgusting. I was in total shock that everything is being brushed off to the side. They could do it again because they know they won’t get the right punishment.” 

It just goes to show that Democrats aren’t interested in helping solve violence and unrest, they are actively aiding and abetting it. 

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