A whistleblower came forward with this damning truth about Biden’s border crisis

The United States Senate - Office of Senator Kamala Harris, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The American people were unaware of the extent to which Joe Biden and Kamala Harris created the disaster at the southern border.

The facts are only now starting to come out.

And a whistleblower came forward with this damning truth about Biden’s border crisis.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris never met with their Border Patrol Chief

Former Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz told Fox News host Neal Cavuto that he never met once with Biden or Harris in his two years on the job.

Ortiz told Cavuto that the crisis at the border isn’t just isolated to Texas, where a majority of the media devotes their coverage.

But rather, the border is open across multiple states, which is why record numbers of illegal aliens are pouring into the country.

“Well, certainly, I think it’s important that the President meet with Border Patrol officials to find out exactly what needs to be done to remedy the crisis that’s ongoing. And it’s not just in South Texas or West Texas. It’s happening in Tucson, San Diego, El Paso. Those are the three busiest areas along the southwest border right now,” Ortiz stated.

The American people had a pretty good idea that Biden and Harris didn’t care about the border.

But it’s not just an act.

Ortiz said Biden and Harris never knew the extent of the crisis at the border because they didn’t want to know, as they never tried to speak with him or other border patrol agents.

“And the only way you’re going to actually hear firsthand is by talking to those Border Patrol officials, by meeting with the chief of the Border Patrol. I’ve made it perfectly clear, when I was the Chief, I never once met with the President or the Vice President. And I think it’s long overdue that they sit down and roll up their sleeves and start coming up with some solutions,” Ortiz added.

Biden makes belated border trip

Biden showed up to one of the slowest border crossing sectors in Brownsville, Texas.

The Biden team picked Brownsville because only between 6 and 12 illegal aliens attempted to enter the country there per day in the last week.

That meant when Biden showed up with the press corps in tow, journalists wouldn’t get to capture images on camera of streams of illegal aliens crossing the border or mobs of illegal aliens jam packed in detention facilities.

As the American people come to realize that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want the border open to millions of illegal aliens, their poll numbers against Donald Trump keep sinking.

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