A poolside picture of Megyn Kelly led to everyone saying these four words

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Megyn Kelly caused another uproar on social media.

Kelly ignited the debate with one picture.

And a poolside picture of Megyn Kelly led to everyone saying these four words.

Kelly posted a picture of herself poolside in Miami celebrating a friend’s birthday.

But what caught everyone’s attention was the red MAGA-style hat Kelly sported.

However, instead of the hat reading “Make America Great Again” the hat displayed the slogan “Make Women Female Again.”

Kelly explained that the hat came from the website of British feminist Kellie-Jay Keen who has declared 2023 “the year of the TERF.”

TERF is an acronym for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” which describes the growing number of women who reject the idea that biological males can claim to be women.

Kelly is an outspoken opponent of the radical transgender movement.

On a recent episode of her show Kelly took on the smears from the woke mob that she is “transphobic” saying she no longer cares about the name calling because she will speak the simple truth that you are either born a man or woman and there is no way to change that biological fact.

“You know, this word ‘transphobic,’ I’ve been thinking about this word,” Kelly began. “I don’t care what you call me. I believe women are women and men are men.”

Kelly said the phrase “transphobic” was misleading because she did not fear transgenders.

Rather she was angry at the fact that biological men demanded access to women’s bathrooms and began dominating women’s sports.

“You can’t change your sex. And gender is really not a thing,” Kelly added. “The word ‘transphobic,’ it’s suggesting fear of trans people. Well, I’m not sure ‘fear’ is exactly what it is, but ‘anger.’ Anger at the trans people who want to steal women’s medals, who want to invade our pools, our locker rooms, our bathrooms, our sororities. Recognition that they’re being grossly inappropriate.”

Kelly doubled down on social media, warning the woke mob that she did not fear their insults.

“Call me whatever names you want. I am speaking the truth. And neither I nor the millions of other women (and men) who believe in biology/reality/fairness will be dissuaded by your attempts to marginalize us with words like ‘transphobic,’” Kelly wrote on Twitter.

Kelly is speaking for a majority of Americans who are fed up with the Left trying to force transgenderism on society.

The successful boycott of Bud Light – sales are down 26 percent – over the marketing deal with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney showed that there is bubbling over anger at the way the Left is using major institutions to try and bully the public into submitting to the false notion that you can pick and choose your gender like you can a pair of socks.

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