A Fox News reporter revealed the truth about this big lie Joe Biden told about the border

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The border crisis is becoming a political liability for Joe Biden in an election year.

He’s trying to fool the public that he wants to stop illegal immigration.

And a Fox News reporter revealed the truth about this big lie Joe Biden told about the border.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin is one of the few journalists who has been covering the border on the scene and telling the truth about the chaos there.

He called out National Security spokesman John Kirby for the jaw-dropping lie that President Joe Biden wants to secure the border, but is powerless to do anything unless Congress gives him a border security bill on social media.

“Notable: a reporter just asked John Kirby why President Biden doesn’t just use his executive authority at the border …” Melugin began. “Kirby replied that Biden is willing to, but wants/needs the Senate border bill first. Reporter asked why? Kirby says Biden needs the authority in the bill.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is trying to broker a fake border security bill with Biden and Democrats in exchange for additional funding for the war in Ukraine.

“That is not true,” Melugin continued. “The same authority Biden used to reverse almost every Trump policy at the border — including terminating the national emergency declaration at the border upon taking office — can be used to make significant changes.”

Biden intentionally created the border crisis and has no intention of securing the border.

He already has all of the power he needs to shut down the border.

His administration is doing everything in its power to enable illegal immigration into the country.

He took Texas to the Supreme Court to allow Border Patrol agents to remove razor wire state authorities placed at the Mexican border to stem the flow of illegal aliens.

The fake border security bill that he and Senate RINOs want to put into law states that 1.8 million illegal aliens can come into the country every year and give Biden more than $10 billion to process, care for, and transport illegal aliens around the country while giving them legal work permits.

The bill would fund and help speed up the process of Biden dumping illegal aliens into the interior of the country.

This fake border security bill would allow politicians to claim they did something to fix the border crisis in a bipartisan fashion during an election year while doing nothing to solve the problem.

Biden could end the border crisis if he wanted to do it.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) is drawing a line in the sand against any potential fake border bill coming from the Senate.

“Any border ‘shutdown’ authority that ALLOWS even one illegal crossing is a non-starter. Thousands each day is outrageous. The number must be ZERO,” Johnson wrote on X.

The border crisis will continue until there is a regime change in Washington, D.C.’s “Swamp.”

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