A Fox News host rushed to defend Joe Biden for this unthinkable reason

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Many viewers noticed there was something different about Fox News in recent years.

One of the network’s stars stunned his co-hosts live on air.

And a Fox News host rushed to defend Joe Biden for this unthinkable reason.

The impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is heating up with Hunter Biden testifying before the House Oversight Committee.

The investigation spearheaded by Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has uncovered mountains of evidence that Joe Biden received money from his family after they were wired money from shady sources.

On Fox & Friends, one of the co-hosts claimed that House Republicans had turned up nothing in their investigations into Joe Biden.

Steve Doocy claims there’s evidence of Joe Biden’s wrongdoing

“The Republicans have yet to produce any direct evidence of misconduct by Joe Biden,” co-host Steve Doocy said.

“I don’t know,” said co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade referenced one of the most damning pieces of evidence uncovered in Comer’s investigation.

“Joe Biden was in on meetings with every major deal regarding Hunter Biden,” Kilmeade said. “He said ‘my dad is sitting next to me’ while talking to a Chinese CFC official.”

Kilmeade referred to a 2017 message Hunter Biden sent on WhatsApp where he threatened a Chinese business associate by telling him that he was “sitting here with my father.”

Earhardt told Doocy that Joe Biden received a $200,000 check from his younger brother, James Biden, in 2018 that was marked as “loan repayment.”

James Biden sent the check the same day that he was paid $200,000 from now-bankrupt healthcare company Americore.

He used Joe Biden’s name to promote the company and even talked about making him a board member.

Kilmeade added that Joe Biden was using an email account with the fake name “Robin Ware” to trade 54 emails with Hunter Biden’s business partner Eric Schwerin.

“And when he looked Peter [Doocy] in the eye and said ‘I know nothing about my son’s overseas business dealings,’ he was flat-out lying!” Kilmeade exclaimed.

Steve Doocy refuses to look at the evidence

Doocy still wasn’t convinced after his co-hosts cited just a few examples of the alarming evidence against Joe Biden.

“To impeach somebody, you need direct evidence of misconduct by Joe Biden,” Doocy said. “Look, Hunter Biden, it sure looks like he traded on his name and he’s gonna have plenty of time —”

“With his dad, the role his dad played is key,” Kilmeade interrupted.

Joe Biden was on speakerphone with Hunter Biden and his business partners more than 20 times according to insider testimony.

He also met with many of his son’s business partners in person.

“Some Republicans say they’ve got the goods on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, but a number of Republicans who I’ve spoken to on Capitol Hill say there’s no direct evidence of misconduct by the current President,” Doocy said.

“It’s just so corrupt. The whole thing is so corrupt,” Earhardt added.

Steve Doocy is burying his head in the sand about the growing evidence that Joe Biden was a key figure in his family’s shady foreign business deals.

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