Ron DeSantis just dealt Anthony Fauci a massive defeat after this news broke

Ron DeSantis vaulted into the national spotlight for his response to the pandemic.

The supposed public health experts have been attacking him non-stop.

And he just dealt Anthony Fauci a massive defeat after this news broke.

Ron DeSantis is a shining star for his response to COVID-19 pandemic.

He brushed off the insane demands of alleged experts and kept Florida free and open for most of the pandemic.

Following the science and data he avoided mask mandates, devastating lockdowns, and vaccine passports.

By brushing off the fear-based moves made by blue state Governors he caused the Left to lose their minds.

The corporate-controlled media falsely accused him of ignoring public safety and putting Floridians at risk.

Now he can take his biggest victory lap of all.

Florida now has the lowest COVID-19 case rate of any state in the country.

This comes as COVID cases have dropped in the state by 90% since August.

In addition, hospitalizations related to COVID have plummeted in the state.

In a press release, DeSantis took a shot at his critics noting this remarkable news came without lockdowns or mandates.

Florida has roughly half the cases of California, which was lauded in corporate-controlled media for its draconian COVID restrictions.

New York, where the corrupt media treated former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s strict lockdowns as a massive success, has three times the amount of cases per capita.

DeSantis now has the numbers to prove that success in that pandemic doesn’t mean compromising freedom.

Obsessed with taking down DeSantis, the corporate-controlled media has tried to spin the news asking if he even deserves credit.

This is the latest in a string of victories for DeSantis.

Florida leads the country in job creation for the month of September while the lockdown and mandate crazed blue states lagged far behind.

With a booming economy and a successful handling of the pandemic, DeSantis will continue to leave the Left boiling with rage.

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