Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Justice picks are shaping up to be a real disaster

The Supreme Court has been under a microscope recently.

Democrats are pushing court packing but even the more left-leaning judges are pushing back.

And now Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Justice picks are shaping up to be a real disaster.

Amy Coney Barrett was going to be the hero of the Supreme Court.

Donald Trump promised a powerhouse conservative justice.

But Justice Barrett has not shaped up to be what many Republicans thought she would be.

Recently, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case called Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson and United States v. Texas, which are a pair of lawsuits brought by abortion mills and the Biden administration to stop a pro-life law in Texas.

In a previous ruling, the Court allowed the law to take effect, but this particular hearing was about whether or not these legal challenges to the Texas law could proceed.

In a move that shocked everyone Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett appeared to side with the abortion providers.

They claim it was on technical grounds to set a majority ruling allowing abortion mills to sue Texas over a law designed to end the horror of abortion on demand.

In the Texas case, citizens can file private lawsuits in state courts against abortion clinics.

Justice Kavanaugh said this was a “loophole.”

Kavannaugh said this “sets out this principle that you can get pre-enforcement review in federal court against state enforcement of laws that are assertedly unconstitutional.”

When Justice Amy Coney Barrett responded to the ruling she almost appeared to sympathize with the abortion clinics.

Barrett questioned the level of judicial review written into the law and claimed if 100 people sued over a single abortion the state court would have to hear each individual case one at a time, where as a federal court could deal with them all at once.

Both Kavanaugh and Barrett are sadly shaping up to be establishmentarians in their rulings like Chief Justice John Roberts, not strict constructionists like Scalia or Thomas as they were portrayed when nominated by Trump.

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