Democrats are losing ground with one voting bloc because of this “woke” nonsense

Joe Biden is crashing and burning as president of the United States.

There is massive panic on the Left that his first year spells doom for the Democrats in the midterms.

Now, Democrats are losing ground with one voting bloc because of this “woke” nonsense.

Far-left progressives are determined to make the term “latinx” standard, but Hispanics keep rejecting it.

Spanish is a gendered language, but radical gender theorists are attempting to foist their cultist worldview on Hispanics and they aren’t having it.

A Wall Street Journal poll showed that Hispanics were evenly split between Democrats and Republicans going into the midterms.

The Democrats typically get above 60% of the Hispanic vote, so anything approaching a 50-50 split would be disastrous for the party.

One of the reasons Hispanics are turning away from the Democrats is “woke” nonsense like “latinx.”

An Echelon Insights poll showed that not a single respondent identified as latinx.

The most popular descriptor was Hispanic (42%) followed by country of origin, e.g. Mexican or Colombian (26%), then Latino or Latina (15%).

Latinx is wildly unpopular, yet the Left continue to push it.

A Pew Research poll from 2020, showed that only one in four Hispanics had even heard of the term latinx, something that was cooked up in a progressive liberal arts gender studies program.

MSNBC contributor Paola Ramos even admitted “latinx” is unpopular in her attempt to criticize opponents of wokeness.

Ramos said:

“I’m latinx. That’s how I choose to identify myself. So it’s frustrating to see the term ‘’atinx,’ a term that was created to foster inclusivity, be the victim of a culture war. A recent poll showed that only 2% of latinos identify themselves as latinx. And while that may be true, a bunch of bad faith actors used that statistic to paint the term as divisive.”

This is mind-blowing.

She freely admits that only 2% of Latinos accept the term, but calls the 98% that reject it “bad-faith factors.”

Hispanics have rejected the term over and over, yet radical leftists like Ramos insist on using it.

This is how the Left operate, and people are fed up.

In 2020, Donald Trump got the largest Republican share of the nonwhite vote since 1960.

Instead of examining the root cause of that trend, Democrats said the black, Hispanic, and Asian voters that opted for Trump were simply “white-adjacent” and wanted to partake in white supremacy.

The Left mirror the behavior of a cult more and more each passing day.

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