Joe Biden turned his back on Americans stranded in Haiti with this unthinkable act

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The crime-ravaged country of Haiti is on the brink of a civil war.

Americans trapped there are desperately looking to escape.

And Joe Biden turned his back on Americans stranded in Haiti with this unthinkable act.

The impoverished Caribbean country of Haiti has descended into complete chaos as warring gangs battle for control.

Haiti’s acting Prime Minister has resigned, effectively leaving the country without a government.

The jails have been emptied and shocking reports of cannibalism emerged during the fighting for control of the capital city of Port-au-Prince by rival gangs.

The main international airport is closed after gangs tried to seize it, leaving Americans with no easy way to escape from the chaotic situation.

Stranded Americans in Haiti beg for help

American missionaries are trapped in Haiti trying to find a way out of the country.

The State Department is telling Americans stuck there to figure out on their own how to get out of the country.

“U.S. citizens wishing to depart Port-au-Prince should monitor local news and information on security conditions from commercial transportation providers and should arrange to leave Haiti when security conditions and commercial transportation options permit doing so,” a State Department spokesman said.

Jill Dolan and her family – who help run an orphanage – said that the State Department hasn’t offered much help.

She told the New York Post that she hears constant gunfire from where she’s hiding.

“Really what they say is like, ‘Be safe.’ I’m just like, ‘Okay, well that’s not really helpful,’” Dolan said of the U.S. Embassy’s response to her.

Port-au-Prince has turned into a warzone with the country on the brink of a civil war.

“My fear is that we will be caught in the middle of something really dangerous. We’re already on the front lines of it, we’re in a bad area,” Dolan said. “It’s kind of depressing. The gunfire never stops.”

Dolan and her family are hiding in a motel in Port-au-Prince while they try to figure out how to get out of the country.

Biden administration is no help

The U.S. military airlifted nonessential personnel out of the Embassy and provided forces for extra security.

Kim Patterson is trying to get her father out of the country but she said that the U.S. Embassy “was not a lot of help” to her family.

“I’m crying every day, I never in my life felt as helpless as I feel right now because I’m a woman from southeast Georgia just trying to get my dad out of a Third World country that’s in the midst of a civil war,” Patterson said.

Her 75-year-old father is a Marine veteran who volunteered to go on a humanitarian mission to the country in February.

“He wants to live a life with purpose, and that’s how he viewed Haiti and going to help, and I’m sure, with the Marines, it was the same thing. He wanted to live a life of purpose,” Patterson added.

The Dominican Republic, which borders Haiti, has sealed the border between the two countries.

Americans were stranded by the Biden administration in Afghanistan after the withdrawal, in Israel after the October 7 terrorist attack, and now in Haiti.

President Joe Biden is leaving Americans behind in war zones yet again in another stunning display of incompetence.

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