Megyn Kelly gave the media this brutal reality check about Beyoncé’s country album

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Beyoncé’s new country music album has set off a firestorm of controversy.

Of course, the media is gleefully fanning the flames.

But Megyn Kelly gave the media this brutal reality check about Beyoncé’s country album.

The most controversial album in the country is pop star Beyoncé’s new country-inspired album, Cowboy Carter.

Beyoncé reportedly made the album after what she claims was a negative experience performing with the Dixie Chicks at the 2016 CMA Awards.

Now the media is castigating anyone, country music fan or otherwise, who isn’t celebrating her album hitting number one on the country charts.

Megyn Kelly weighs in on Beyoncé’s foray into country

One of the tracks on Cowboy Carter is a reinterpretation of country music icon Dolly Parton’s 1973 hit “Jolene.”

Beyoncé’s version has been hailed as being more feminist because the lyrics in the song aggressively push back at Jolene in the song for trying to take her significant other.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly talked about how Beyoncé’s “Jolene” missed the mark with its new lyrics on her SiriusXM show.

Kelly said that she didn’t think the song was “empowering” for women like its supporters claim.

“I’m not a big Beyoncé follower. I don’t have anything against her,” Kelly said. “I don’t listen to her music. But I do get kind of annoyed at how whenever she does anything, we have to pretend she’s the Second Coming.”

She wondered why the album received enormous attention and praise in the media.

“Why did country need to be redefined? What was wrong with it that we needed it to be rescued by Beyoncé?” Kelly asked. “And why is it that Queen Bey is being treated like she’s the first one to take a little dalliance over into this . . . unknown field of country music?”

A New York Post article laughably claimed that Beyoncé saved a dying genre with the album.

Kelly is not a fan of the new “Jolene”

“And then we get to ‘Jolene’,” Kelly said. “The original ‘Jolene’ is a story about a woman feeling threatened by another woman who’s prettier and more alluring. And she’s basically begging her not to steal her man.”

The former Fox News host noted that Beyoncé ramped up the aggression against her romantic rival in the song.

“Then of course, because it’s ‘Queen Bey,’ we have to change it to be ‘f***ing take my man, I will hurt you b***h,'” Kelly continued. “It’s much more like threatening, which I guess Beyoncé and Team Bey think is what empowerment looks like. For now, the threatened woman is just threatening to another woman who she thinks might have designs on her life partner.”

This was a strange definition of female empowerment according to Kelly.

“You can’t have any vulnerabilities or insecurities. You have to be this bad**s b***h who’s like threatening . . . And it’s to me, it’s a turnoff,” Kelly explained. “The true power move is not to worry, and not to have to worry . . . You’re telling a story and this is a version of womanhood, where an insecure woman feels like feels threatened by a more beautiful other woman.”

Cowboy Carter is going to be a lightning rod for controversy after the media worked so hard to prop it up.

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