Donald Trump burst into laughter when The View made this 2024 announcement

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The View is housed in ABC’s news division.

That’s why the harpies that host the show fancy themselves as very serious people.

And Donald Trump burst into laughter when The View made this 2024 announcement.

The ladies on ABC’s The View have become the preeminent program on daytime broadcast television for ranting about former President Donald Trump and Republicans.

Politicians of all stripes have appeared on the show to be grilled by the collection of washed-up actresses, failed comedians, and clueless political pundits.

Now that the 2024 Election cycle is in full swing, the show made a big announcement about the Presidential candidates.

The View is working on booking Joe Biden

Brian Teta – one of the producers of The View – told Deadline that he expected that at some point this year President Joe Biden would appear on the show.

“I expect he will,” Teta said. “We were the first stop after he announced his 2020 run. We had the first interview with him after that. He made history as the first sitting Vice President to do a daytime talk show here. So yes, I think he will be on. We’re in contact with the White House. We don’t have anything to announce yet. But my hope and really my expectation is that he’ll be here during the election.”

Vice President Kamala Harris already appeared on the show in January.

Teta added that independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could appear on the show as a guest.

But co-host Joy Behar recently attacked him for being a threat to Biden’s re-election chances.

“First of all, he’s a threat, I think more to Biden, just because of his name,” Behar said. “That people out there, they’re not really looking into things. I think they think, ‘oh Kennedy, Democrat, yeah I’ll vote for him.’ Meanwhile, he is a conspiracy theorist, anti-science. His whole family is voting for Biden and this type of dangerous rhetoric that Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than the man who wanted to throw over the government, overthrow the government.”

Donald Trump not getting an invite to The View

Teta said that Trump wouldn’t be invited to appear on the show before the election.

Of course, the only people still left watching it are partisan Democrats at this point.

The producer said that the show reached out to Trump while he was in office but he rejected their invitation.

“We’ll see who the VP is, when they’re announcing. We’ve invited Trump to join us at the table for both 2016 and 2020 Elections, and he declined, and at a certain point, we stopped asking. So I don’t anticipate that changing. I think he’s pretty familiar with how the co-hosts feel about him and doesn’t see himself coming here,” Teta said.

Donald Trump won’t be losing any sleep by being snubbed by a show hosted by some of the most embarrassing and ill-informed personalities on television.

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