A Dukes of Hazzard star is feeling the heat for this confession about Beyonce’s country album

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Beyonce is the latest musician to try and switch genres by releasing a country music album.

But everything isn’t as it seems with her latest musical project.

And a Dukes of Hazzard star is feeling the heat for this confession about Beyonce’s country album.

Beyonce goes country with new album

Hip Hop star Beyonce surprised the musical world when she announced that she is switching gears with her latest album Act II: Cowboy Carter.

Country music has been taken over by the pop country sound coming out of the major Nashville studios.

And collaborations between country artists and rappers are becoming increasingly common, but her album put the musical world on notice.

Now one of the biggest names in music was trying her hand at country.

The album’s lead single, “Texas Hold ‘Em”, hit number one on the Hot Country charts sparking controversy among country music fans if the single was really a country song.

Former Dukes of Hazzard star says Beyonce album isn’t country

Former Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider – who starred as Bo Duke on the hit CBS show – said during an interview with One America News that
Beyonce was like a dog trying to mark her territory with her country album.

One America News host Alison Steinberg said that country western music has seen a lot of crossover artists from different genres in recent years.

She pointed out that when “Texas Hold ‘Em” was released, a country music radio station in Ada, Oklahoma refused to play the song because they claimed it wasn’t country.

The radio station garnered national headlines for the decision and was attacked for being racist by the media and Beyonce fans.

And after they got bombarded, they agreed to play the song on their station.

“The Lefties in the entertainment industry just won’t leave any area alone, right? They just have to seize control over every aspect, don’t they?” Steinberg asked.

“They’ve got to make their mark, just like a dog in a dog walk park. You know, every dog has to mark every tree, right? So that’s what’s going on here,” Schneider replied.

He added that people coming into the country music genre had the impression that the genre was “easy” or “not as sophisticated as the music they sing otherwise.”

Predictably, Schneider’s comments were called “racist and hateful” by Beyonce fans on social media and the media.

But he was stating the obvious that Beyonce is crossing over into country music and she isn’t a country artist.

She said that Act II: Cowboy Carter isn’t a country album, it’s a Beyonce album, which gives some merit to Schneider’s complaint.

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