Megyn Kelly predicted that this TV network could be finished after a major scandal

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Cable television was rocked to its core by one sick scandal.

Now the fallout could result in the cable lineup being changed up.

And Megyn Kelly predicted that this TV network could be finished after a major scandal.

The bombshell Investigation Discovery documentary series Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV revealed the sexual abuse and horrific work environment for child actors at the Nickelodeon cable network.

Former child actors at the kids entertainment network came forward with disturbing allegations against then-Nickelodeon dialogue coach Brian Peck who later pled no contest to the sexual abuse of an unnamed child actor.

Megyn Kelly thinks scandal could bring down Nickelodeon

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly said that she couldn’t believe Nickelodeon was still on the air after the documentary series.

“As episode and episode goes by, you learn that that guy, and that guy, and this kid, and this kid, and this kid and this — I can’t believe Nickelodeon is still in business in the wake of this scandal,” Kelly said. “It may not be for much longer.”

Kelly’s guest was former Nickelodeon actress Alexa Nikolas who was featured in Quiet on Set.

“When I started to watch the docuseries, I thought it was all about this guy, Dan Schneider,” Kelly said.

Schneider – who was featured in the docuseries first episode – served as a producer at Nickelodeon and was accused of creating a hostile workplace for the child actors.

Kelly added she “kind of saw him as almost the Roger Ailes of Nickelodeon, in that he wasn’t the top executive, but he was the chief show creator.”

Former Nickelodeon star speaks out

Nikolas – who starred on the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 – said she was surprised about how many former actors agreed to take part in the documentary.

“Me too, I cannot believe it is still in business to be quite honest with you,” Nikolas remarked.

She explained that when she first took part in the documentary she thought she might be the only one who would be willing to come forward.

“Watching the documentary was also shocking for me because I sat down for an interview very early on, and I wasn’t sure who else was going to sit down. And I think for a lot of survivors in general, you always think you’re the only one,” Nikolas said. “So when I sat down in that seat, I wasn’t sure who else was going to follow. And so when I watched the documentary, not only was it extremely sad to witness all of these kids being affected, but also it was very validating — in a very scary way, obviously. But it was very validating.”

The clock could be ticking for Nickelodeon after the network’s horrifying treatment of its child and teen actors.

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