Ted Cruz destroyed the left-wing media with one sick truth bomb

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Conservatives know they can’t get a fair shake from the press.

Journalists are totally in the tank for the Democrat Party.

And Ted Cruz destroyed the left-wing media with one sick truth bomb.

Media invents fake scandal to attack Ted Cruz

Democrats are facing an uphill battle to defend their majority in the United States Senate.

The biggest chances for seats to flip are all held by Democrats.

Democrats don’t see many opportunities to go on offense as the Republicans up for re-election are all in red states.

But that hasn’t stopped the Left from getting behind Congressman Colin Allred (D-TX) who also played five years in the National Football League as a linebacker for the Tennessee Titans.

Leftists dumped millions into Allred’s campaign as Allred reported raising $4.8 million in the fourth quarter of 2023 and entered 2024 with $10 million cash on hand.

With Allred showing he’s running a live campaign, the media swooped in to do their part with a smear campaign against Cruz.

ABC13 Houston reporter Shannon Ryan asked Cruz about iHeart radio – which hosts Cruz’s popular podcast The Verdict – donating $630,000 to a PAC that supports Cruz’s re-election.

Cruz isn’t paid for the podcast, but Ryan tried to claim iHeart radio donating to a PAC that supports Cruz counted as compensation.

Cruz lambastes left-wing reporter over phony story

“So if an entity, which employs lobbyists, is giving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to your re-election efforts, how can you say you’re not being compensated?” Ryan asked Cruz.

Cruz went on offense.

The Texas Senator explained he did the podcast because the press doesn’t report actual news and he needed to talk to the voters of Texas.

“Because the media doesn’t report on news, and I do the podcast to talk to the people of Texas about the issues that matter,” Cruz began.

“You know, it really is sad what’s happened to the media, which is, the media exists right now seemingly to parrot left-wing, Democrat attacks,” Cruz began.

Cruz added that a left-wing group called the Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee over the arrangement and the Committee dismissed the complaint because it was groundless.

“The group that brought that attack is a left-wing, Democrat attack group, and by the way, you know what you didn’t mention in your question? The fact that they filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee raising these same issues. You know what the Senate Ethics Committee did? They threw it out. They said it had no basis in law,” Cruz added.

“So all the Democrats are left to do is make false personal attacks, but the media, alright, I get you’re gonna carry their water, but my request to you is simply, actually cover the issues,” Cruz concluded.

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