Steve Bannon had one warning that will change Donald Trump’s life

Miguel Discart, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

War Room host Steve Bannon is one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters.

But Bannon couldn’t hold back anymore.

And Steve Bannon had one warning that will change Donald Trump’s life.

Steve Bannon slams House Republicans for surrender on spending

House Speaker Mike Johnson capitulated to Joe Biden in another spending fight.

Johnson rolled over on a package of six spending bills totaling $1.2 trillion that fully funds Joe Biden’s woke government and allows Biden to keep the border open to process millions of more illegal aliens into the country.

On a recent episode of his War Room podcast, Bannon slammed House Republican leadership for selling out the conservative base.

“I got to tell you this deficit and this budget is outrageous. It’s going to be over $2 trillion dollars. Mark my words. It’s going to be over $2 trillion, and this is why it’s got to be fought, it’s got to be stopped now. We’re going to hamstring — all these people say, ‘oh, we need a bigger majority, we need to take the Senate, we need to get President Trump back in,’ you’re going to hamstring President Trump on his economic plan,” Bannon added.

Bannon calls on conservatives to fight back

Bannon told listeners that this swamp sellout was so serious that conservatives needed to draw a line in the sand and tell Members of Congress that if they vote for this bill their career is done.

“This is what we got to fight, and you’ve got to tell people, hey, you vote for this, you’re done — I’m done with you. I don’t care what good they’ve done in the past,” Bannon declared, telling listeners to call their Member of Congress and “hit them with both barrels today.”

“You need to tell Biden, you need to shut down the border now or you’re going to shut down your government and we’ll get in a room over the weekend and you convince us of what you’re going to do [with] executive orders and others to shut down the border from the invasion,” Bannon concluded. “Once you do that then we can talk about giving you the money to open your government back up. Until then, sorry, and we’ll win that argument with the American people.”

Republicans torching their majority by failing to fight Democrats would hamstring Donald Trump.

All forecasts show Trump is favored to win back the White House.

But if the GOP clown car leaders like Speaker Johnson keep selling out to Democrats, voters won’t see any reason to keep the GOP in the majority and hand control of the House back to Democrats.

And if that happens, our future Speaker Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) will impeach Donald Trump for the entirety of his second term.

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