One of Donald Trump’s lawyers broke some horrible news about his criminal cases

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Democrats aren’t even trying to win the 2024 election on the issues.

Instead, Joe Biden enlisted partisan prosecutors to stage rigged show trials to rack up as many guilty verdicts against Trump as humanly possible.

And now one of Donald Trump’s lawyers broke some horrible news about his criminal cases.

Democrats’ hopes fade in Georgia, Washington, D.C., and Florida trials against Trump

The polls and the political professionals all agree that Alvin Bragg’s sham prosecution of Trump for fake crimes about stealing the 2016 election by falsifying business records in 2017 don’t pose a serious risk to Donald Trump’s electoral chances.

But the polls and the pundits show that Trump getting convicted on bogus charges of trying to overturn the 2020 election or mishandling classified documents could swing the election to Joe Biden.

Biden, however, experienced some bad developments on that front.

If Democrats are counting on pre-election trials, they are sorely mistaken.

Trump lawyer Will Scharf appeared on The Washington Times’ Court Watch podcast and explained there is only a “slim” chance that the 2020 cases in Georgia and Washington, D.C. and the Florida documents case would begin before the November 5 election.

Scharf explained that the delay is because the Supreme Court appropriately took up Donald Trump’s petition to have the charges against him dismissed on the grounds of Presidential immunity.

“This is an issue the courts are going to have to deal with,” Scharf stated.

All the Democrat prosecutors in these cases demanded the trial begin as soon as possible, sometimes just months following the indictment.

Scharf that said politics was driving the decision telling The Times “and I think the haste with which President Trump was indicted in all these different courts and the speed with which they tried to bring these cases to trial shows they really weren’t paying attention to a lot of these very thorny legal issues that come about when you take the absolutely unprecedented step of indicting a former president.”

The Supreme Court steps in

The Supreme Court paused the case in Washington, D.C. as it hears Trump’s appeal.

Oral arguments showed the conservative Justices were highly skeptical of Smith’s claims a President enjoys no immunity from prosecution.

The conservative Justices seemed highly likely to narrow the charges against Trump by ruling the President had immunity from prosecution for official acts.

That would send the Washington, D.C. case back to the trial court for months of hearings and motions about which of the acts Smith indicted Trump on fell within this new standard.

This process would also play out in Florida and Georgia as well.

Scharf said determining which of the charges against Trump were unconstitutional because of Presidential immunity would make it impossible to hold the Florida, Georgia, or Washington, D.C. trials before the election.

“You would really have to truncate the timeline in a way that would be very unfair to even have a chance of getting that case to trial before November, so I think the chances of that are quite slim,” Scharf added.

Scharf also argued a Presidential immunity ruling would also lead to some of the charges in the New York criminal case getting tossed saying “there are official acts implicated by the New York indictment as well.”

A defendant has a due process right to review all the evidence against him and prepare a proper legal defense.

Trying any of these cases before the election would trample all over those protections.

“If you were to try to force this trial ahead of the November election, that would create profound due process and constitutional rights violations for President Trump,” Scharf concluded.

Democrats bet big on lawfare.

Every charge that gets tossed is a win for Trump because its proof these were rushed prosecutions for political motivations where Joe Biden’s prosecutors didn’t even care about the law or the Constitution.

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