What Tom Brady said about Taylor Swift left jaws on the ground

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Tom Brady may be the greatest quarterback of all time.

Taylor Swift is the biggest star in music history.

And what Tom Brady said about Taylor Swift left jaws on the ground.

The roast of Tom Brady turns into a huge hit

Netflix streamed The Greatest Roast of All Time, where celebrities, comedians, and NFL peers roasted Tom Brady.

Kim Kardashian, former head coach Bill Belichick, UFC President Dana White, as well as comedians Kevin Hart, Andrew Schultz, and Jeffrey Ross took turns having fun at Brady’s expense.

But the fair play of any roast is when the subject gets the mic at the conclusion of the event to have their turn at making jokes at the roaster’s expense.

After a night of cracks about deflategate, his divorce, and the Patriots receiving corps, Brady took aim at the group he tortured the most over the course of his 23-year NFL career.

The opposing teams’ fan bases.

Tom Brady gets his shots in at his celebrity roast

Brady mocked supporters of the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants.

In what is sure to be a sore spot, Brady mocked the Bills fans over their team once losing four straight Super Bowls and never having won a championship.

“Bills fans call themselves the Bills Mafia,” Brady cracked. “How are you the f***ing mafia? At least the mafia has a ring you could kiss.”

“And while we’re at it, screw Colts fans. Colts are just Broncos who don’t f***.” Brady added.

Brady then mocked the Chiefs over the fact that star tight end Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift turned the Chiefs into the favorite team for all the “Swifties.”

“Kansas City, you say your stadium is the loudest. It helps when all your fans are 14-year-old girls. And in honor of Tay Tay, let’s take a look at the Chiefs era. Terrible for 50 years, good for five. Shake it off,” Brady declared.

Brady also mocked the Philadelphia Eagles fan’s reputation for boorishness.

“Philly fans are just racist a**holes. But Kevin Hart is from there, so I get it. […] In Philly, they have to grease up the light poles so people don’t climb them after games. You know how they grease up those poles? They rub someone from Philadelphia on them,” Brady joked.

Brady saved his shortest barb for the New York Giants fan base and their quarterback – and former Brady nemesis – Eli Manning.

“And Giants fans. F*** Eli and f*** you, twice,” Brady exclaimed.

Brady was referring to the fact that Manning and the Giants defeated Brady in the Super Bowl twice, the first time in 2007, which ended the Patriots quest for an undefeated season.

Manning took the joke in stride and posted on social media that he had no desire to attend the Netflix special having already roasted Brady in the most satisfying way possible.

“I thought about attending the Roast of Tom Brady last night, but I did not want to Roast him for a 3rd time!!” Manning wrote.

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