Joe Biden is rolling out one new electric vehicle mandate that will hammer every American

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The cost of living is going through the roof because of Joe Biden’s failed policies.

His latest scheme is going to hit everyone in the wallet.

Now Joe Biden is rolling out one new electric vehicle mandate that will hammer every American.

The plan to electrify transportation is expanding beyond personal vehicles.

Now President Joe Biden wants to force the trucking industry to go electric with a new mandate.

Trucks and buses hit with new pollution standards

Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled strict new emissions standards for large commercial vehicles like trucks and buses as part of his climate change agenda.

The standards start in 2026 for the 2027 model year vehicles and ramp up until the 2032 model year.

This will create a de facto electric mandate for large vehicles by forcing them to comply with the rule’s zero emissions requirements.

“In finalizing these emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and buses, EPA is significantly cutting pollution from the hardest-working vehicles on the road,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan claimed. “Building on our recently finalized rule for light- and medium-duty vehicles, EPA’s strong and durable vehicle standards respond to the urgency of the climate crisis by making deep cuts in emissions from the transportation sector.”

Semi trucks, fire trucks, school buses, large construction trucks, public buses, and garbage trucks are among the large vehicles that will be impacted by the new rules.

The EPA claimed that the new emission standards would save the country $13 billion in public health savings and reduced climate costs.

But the reality is that change is going to deliver more to everyone’s wallets.

Biden sticking Americans with a big bill for green energy

Currently, less than one percent of new large trucks sold are zero-emission vehicles according to the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association.

Trucking is the backbone of the logistics industry that moves goods around the country to stores and homes.

Forcing semi trucks to be electric will raise the cost for trucking companies which will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association President Todd Spencer told Fox News said the change would put independent truck drivers out of business.

“Small business truckers, who happen to care about clean air for themselves and their kids as much as anyone, make up 96% of trucking,” Spencer said. “Yet, this administration seems dead set on regulating every local mom-and-pop business out of existence with its flurry of unworkable environmental mandates.”

U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) vowed to introduce legislation to repeal the emission standards.

“In the midst of sustained, crippling inflation, President Biden is choosing to add more regulatory dead weight onto our economy and our critical supply chains,” Sullivan said. “Hard-working families across the country will pay the price if this rule is allowed to stand. The cost of this rule will be felt in the rising price of gas, bread, eggs, and other life essentials.”

The bottom line is, Joe Biden’s electric agenda is poised to drive up costs for Americans struggling with inflation.

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