A CNN host was stunned into disbelief over this poll showing Trump winning

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CNN is not just a network for Americans who hate Donald Trump.

The channel also employs hosts and commentators who reside squarely in the liberal bubble.

And now a CNN host was stunned into disbelief over this poll showing Trump winning.

CNN’s Dana Bash in disbelief over poll showing Trump blowing out Joe Biden in Michigan

The latest CNN poll out of the perennial swing state of Michigan showed Donald Trump up 50 to 42 over Joe Biden.

Trump – thanks to his MAGA agenda of building the wall, ending foreign wars, and renegotiating bad trade deals – became the first Republican since 1988 to carry the Wolverine State.

Biden narrowly flipped it back in 2020 and the state will be another battleground in November.

But every poll taken in Michigan since the beginning of November shows Donald Trump winning.

That timeline also coincides with the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack in Israel and the pro-Hamas Democrat base raging at Biden over Biden not supporting Hamas’ call for a ceasefire.

That dissatisfaction with Biden showed up in the CNN poll as host Dana Bash couldn’t believe that the poll showed Trump leading Biden by 20 points on the Israel/Gaza issue.

“Then you look at other issues: U.S and world affairs, economy, immigration, Israel/Gaza, Trump has an advantage and it’s actually– if you look at the Israel-Gaza question, the fact that Trump has a 20-point advantage in Michigan. I mean, the world is upside down,” Bash exclaimed.

Breaking down the poll

CNN political director David Chalian tried to make sense of the poll explaining it was more a rebuke of Biden’s handling of the issue than anything else.

“But I think that finding probably explains a lot of Joe Biden’s troubles in Michigan right now as well. I mean, it’s obviously an issue that we saw in the primary where the uncommitted vote against him, we see young voters, independents, people who have been affiliated with this, calling for a ceasefire movement, very frustrated with the president and his policies, and so that’s clearly partly at play here in Michigan,” Chalian stated.

“Yeah. No question,” Bash responded. “But it’s hard to imagine that Donald Trump will be any more sympathetic to what’s going on in Gaza than Joe Biden is, which is what is so surprising.”

“It has nothing to do with their actual policy positions, right, necessarily or what he’s proposing,” Chalian concluded.

Biden is getting the worst of all worlds on this issue.

In every other state Biden risks alienating swing voters by supporting Hamas.

But by not offering full-throated support for Hamas’ demands Biden’s sinking in Michigan.

That’s because Michigan is home to more than 200,000 Muslim voters.

Biden won Michigan in 2020 by 154,000 votes when he carried 69 percent of the Muslim vote.

More than 100,000 Democrats voted “uncommitted” in Michigan’s Presidential Primary.

CNN ignores Biden’s other Michigan problem

But even bigger than Biden’s Hamas issue in Michigan is Biden’s recent order to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2030 and force Americans to drive electric vehicles.

These Bidenmobiles are manufactured by Communist Chinese companies and the 1.1 million autoworkers in Michigan stand to lose their jobs.

The Hamas protest vote is large enough to hand Trump a narrow win in Michigan.

Biden’s destruction of the American auto industry is what will turn the election into a rout.

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