Wheel of Fortune made this big announcement about Pat Sajak’s final days on the show

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Fans of Wheel of Fortune have been entertained by host Pat Sajak for more than four decades.

But his time behind the wheel is quickly coming to an end.

And Wheel of Fortune made this big announcement about Pat Sajak’s final days on the show.

Final episode is set for Pat Sajak as the host of Wheel of Fortune

For 41 seasons, co-hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been the faces of the smash hit game show Wheel of Fortune.

Sajak announced in June 2023 that this would be his last season on the show after delighting audiences for decades as the host.

“Well, the time has come. I’ve decided that our 41st season, which begins in September, will be my last,” Sajak wrote at the time. “It’s been a wonderful ride, and I’ll have more to say in the coming months. Many thanks to you all.”

Now fans know when Sajak’s final appearance on Wheel will take place.

His final episode was filmed on April 5 and is set to air on June 7.

Sajak agreed to stay on with the show for three seasons as a consultant after retiring as a host.

White is staying on with the game show through the 2025-2026 season after starting her role turning the letters in 1982.

Vanna White appearing with Ryan Seacrest on American Idol

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is taking over for Sajak next season and is also serving as a producer on the show.

“He is a legend. I’ve looked up to him forever. He’s so good at that job, which, you know, is a little bit of pressure here. But he just said, ‘You’re going to have a great time. It’s so much fun. What’s better than giving away money and doing that every single night?’” Seacrest told ET last September. “I can’t wait to meet the contestants and do it.”

Now Seacrest is working on building some early chemistry with White.

She recently joined him as a guest host on an episode of American Idol.

“She said she’d watched the show for so many years and I invited her to come and do an introduction of one of the contestants and she did it and it just made me realize how lucky I am to be able to work with her coming up on Wheel,” Seacrest told PEOPLE.

He said her appearance would give fans “a little preview of the two of us working together.”

The end of Pat Sajak’s legendary career as the host of Wheel of Fortune is in sight and longtime fans aren’t sure what to expect next.

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