Pat Sajak was shocked by this surprising prediction about his future after Wheel of Fortune

Photo by Paul Stack CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pat Sajak retired from Wheel of Fortune after more than 40 years of hosting the beloved game show.

Now he’s moving on to the next chapter of his life.

And Pat Sajak was shocked by this surprising prediction about his future after Wheel of Fortune.

Pat Sajak walks away from Wheel of Fortune at the top 

Long-time Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak said goodbye to the audience and his co-host, Vanna White, in a heartfelt final episode.

Sajak left after 41 seasons as the longest-serving game show host in television history.

Achilles PR founder Doug Eldridge told Fox News Digital that the former Wheel of Fortune host is walking away from the show at the top of his game.

“Unlike other high-profile ‘family room stars’ who enjoyed off-the-charts likability ratings at the peak of their careers, only to see it all come crashing down at the end,” Eldridge said. “Sajak is stepping away with his reputation and ratings fully intact.”

Eldridge said that Sajak is still a draw after leaving the game show that made him famous.

“In that sense, he’ll always draw eyeballs and interest, regardless of what he does, due to his notoriety and popularity — and those are not the same thing,” Eldridge explained.

The 77-year-old Sajak may be typecast as a game show host, but his lucrative run on Wheel of Fortune made it worth it.

“In the end, every actor or media personality worries about being typecast because it can limit future creative pursuits if they’re too closely tied to one particular character or genre,” Eldridge explained. 

“But once you’re at Sajak’s level of stardom, those residual checks and licensing fees are more than ‘worth it,’” Eldridge continued. “Whatever he does next, Sajak will always be the returning champion.”

Pat Sajak’s next gig is taking him to Hawaii

Sajak already lined up his first gig after retiring from Wheel of Fortune

He will be performing in the play Prescription: Murder, which will run at the Hawaii Theatre Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, from July 31, 2025, to August 10, 2025.

The play was the inspiration for the TV detective drama Colombo starring Peter Falk.

Sajak will play a physiatrist who plans to kill his wife with the help of his mistress.

Veteran Hawaii news anchor Joe Moore – a friend of Sajak’s from the Vietnam War – will play the Los Angeles police detective who became the inspiration for Falk’s Colombo character.

“Pat Sajak, just retired as host of the popular ‘Wheel of Fortune’ game show following 41 seasons, and his long-time buddy Joe Moore return to the Hawaii Theatre Center main stage in 2025, starring in William Link and Richard Levinson’s original Columbo mystery thriller, ‘Prescription: Murder,’ with all of the net proceeds for the show going to support the Hawaii Theatre Center,” the theater wrote on its website.

Having something lined up so quickly after he retired shouldn’t be a surprise, according to lifestyle expert Kathy Fielder.

“Already moving on to his next project is to be expected from such a celebrity, as whatever he endeavors to do from this point forward should garnish attention as people want to see and know the next phase of his career,” Fielder stated.

Pat Sajak is tackling a different challenge by starring in a play after he retired from Wheel of Fortune.