Travis Kelce made one jaw-dropping admission about Tom Brady

Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Travis Kelce and Tom Brady were fierce rivals.

Their rivalry peaked in Super Bowl 50.

And now Travis Kelce made one jaw-dropping admission about Tom Brady.

Kelce brothers weigh in on the roast of Tom Brady

The Netflix roast of Tom Brady turned into a major hit and a pop culture flash point.

Fans, the media, and other athletes couldn’t get enough of Brady subjecting himself to a night where everyone showed up to make fun of him.

The Kelce brothers streamed the event just like everyone else.

And Jason and Travis pitched in their two cents on a recent episode of their New Heights podcast.

Travis Kelce found the whole spectacle hilarious.

“I had been in tears the whole day just watching the clips and everything,” Kelce stated.

Kelce noticed that the roasters observed the cardinal rule of singing but never burning.

“I commend everybody because no one seemed to get their feelings hurt. It seems like everyone was having fun with it. But, at the same time, that s*** had me rolling because of how at everybody’s neck people were going,” the Chiefs tight end added.

The only moment that may have crossed the line was when comedian Jeffrey Ross cracked a joke about New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft’s 2019 arrest for allegedly soliciting sex acts at a Florida massage parlor – the charges were later dropped.

Brady walked to Ross and said “never say that s*** again” in Ross’ ear, loud enough for a hot mic to pick it up.

But no one will ever know if that was a real “Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars moment” or if this was just part of the act.

Jason Kelce says he will do a roast

At first Jason Kelce said he would never subject himself to a roast.

“It was pure entertainment, and I’m really happy they did it, but I just don’t get the roasts,” the just-retired NFL star declared. “I don’t know why people do it. Maybe I take myself too seriously. […] It was star-studded. The best part about it was how many just iconic NFL and celebrities of immense stature that were there.”

Kelce wondered why Brady would want to sit there while everyone made fun of the fact that his marriage to supermodel Gisele Bündchen fell apart.

“Not to mention the entire Patriots dynasty showing up for Tom. That being said, I really don’t f***ing get it. I don’t get why people do roasts. I don’t get why they are a thing. Haha, yeah, my family’s ruined. It’s so funny. Everyone’s laughing. It’s great, we’re having fun. Yeah, right,’” Jason Kelce added.

Considering Jason Kelce thoroughly enjoyed making a spectacle of himself during the Chiefs march to the Super Bowl by appearing shirtless to chug beers in frigid Buffalo or taking part in Wrestlemania, everyone figured he would be first up to do a roast.

But Jason Kelce said he would reconsider if he found out the payday was good enough.

“I take it back. I’ll do a roast. What’d you guys pay Tom? The one person I wouldn’t allow on the stage is (my wife) Kylie,” Jason concluded. “She knows too much. […] Every day I am getting roasted by Kylie.”

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