Trump may end up in jail because of what Alina Habba just said

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Alina Habba’s been with Donald Trump since the start of this lawfare.

Now no one can believe what just happened.

And Donald Trump may end up in jail because of what Alina Habba just said.

Alina Habba reacts to Stormy Daniels testimony

Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg called porn star Stormy Daniels to the witness stand.

Daniels went into cringe-inducing detail about the alleged one night affair she had with Trump way back in 2006.

But Daniels went off the rails behaving like a madwoman on the witness stand.

Daniels lashed out at Trump, admitting she hates him and wants to see him in jail.

Daniels also told an unpersuasive story about how she wasn’t motivated by money to sign a nondisclosure agreement back in 2016.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, Habba declared Bragg’s case destroyed after this farce in court.

Habba also questioned why Bragg put Daniels on the stand.

“When you have inconsistencies with any witness, it speaks volumes,” Habba began.

“When you pick people who are not credible, it speaks volumes,” Habba added.

“They went ahead and put salacious information that was frankly false,” Habba continued.

Habba noted that Daniels seemed to change her story about the sexual encounter she had with Trump from her previous versions.

“We know that from words that were said prior to this trial and now we’re sitting here scratching our heads wondering where taxpayer dollars are going,” Habba concluded.

Trump lawyers also raised this point in court and asked for an immediate mistrial.

Democrat Judge Juan Merchan rejected that motion even though he admitted he had to object himself numerous times to Daniels testimony for straying outside the agreed upon bounds.

Liberal commentators target Habba

Ben Meiselas is the co-founder of the left-wing media group MeidasTouch.

Meiselas shared a video of Habba’s comments on Twitter and claimed they were a violation of the gag order Judge Merchan hit Donald Trump with.

The gag order doesn’t just apply to Trump, but to anyone who works for Trump’s legal or campaign teams.

“This appears to be a gag order violation. Habba’s title is Trump’s ‘legal spokesperson.’ The gag order also restricts Trump from ‘directing others’ to make statements like this about witnesses in addition to Trump making statements,” Meiselas wrote on X.

“Why would having your paid spokesperson attack a witness who is currently on the witness stand be any different than you making a social media post about the witness for purposes of the gag order. If anything I think it’s even worse to have your official spokesperson seek to intimidate witnesses on cable tv while you pay her to do so,” Meiselas concluded.

Merchan threatened to jail Trump on his next gag order violation.

But this episode doesn’t show that Alina Habba did anything wrong.

It shows what depths the Left will stoop to in order to jail Donald Trump by preventing him from defending himself from what is clearly a bogus prosecution.

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