Alvin Bragg stepped in it big time with one horrible moment in court


Alvin Bragg’s attempt to convict Donald Trump keeps running up against the rocks.

The case against Trump is even weaker than anyone though.

And Alvin Bragg stepped in it big time with one horrible moment in court.

Bragg’s decision to count on Michael Cohen backfires

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg made Michael Cohen his star witness and centerpiece of the falsification of business records case.

CNN legal analyst Michael Moore said Cohen’s scheme to secretly record his conversations with Donald Trump would only serve to further undermine his credibility.

Moore explained that Cohen told the jury that Cohen told Trump everything.

“One of the things that you’ve put up, one of the quotes from the testimony was about Cohen telling the prosecutor that he told Trump everything because he needed to know and he wanted to know, but he told him everything,” Moore began.

That wasn’t true as Moore noted Cohen was “lying to the jury” as Cohen clearly never told Trump he was recording their conversations. 

And that could open up a powerline of cross-examination for Trump’s lawyers.

“But he’s lying to the jury in that one statement. He didn’t tell him everything. And we know that because he recorded it. He recorded his client, recorded his friend, recorded his mentor and didn’t tell him. And so that’s going to come back to bite him, I think, at the end of the day. So I think you’re going to see the defense take a huge attack on that,” Moore stated.

Other legal experts accuse Cohen of perjury

Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley claimed this was now the third legal proceeding where Cohen perjured himself.

Cohen pled guilty to lying to Congress.

At a hearing  to secure early release the judge accused Cohen of perjury again when Cohen claimed he was innocent of the crimes he pled guilty to.

And now Turley thinks one of Cohen’s answers about why he recorded Trump could also see Cohen facing perjury charges.

“The one thing about yesterday that was striking, is I thought that Michael Cohen may have committed perjury again,” Turley said during an appearance on Fox News,

“In my view, one of his answers just made no sense at all. He said that he taped his client, former President Trump, in order to keep David Pecker, the former publisher of the ‘National Enquirer’ honest and make sure he paid. First of all, it made no sense at all why he would do that, Pecker had been in communication with Trump himself, but it didn’t make any sense at all,” Turley added.

The fact that Bragg counted on someone like Michael Cohen as the central witness is why many legal experts couldn’t believe Bragg would bring this case in the first place.

Cohen is an admitted liar and disbarred attorney.

Bragg’s defenders claimed everything Cohen would tell the jury would be corroborated by documents and audio recordings.

However, that audio recording could actually prove to be the final nail in the coffin for Cohen’s non-existent credibility.