The NFL got dragged into court over this awful woke rule

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The National Football League is the most popular sport in America.

But there are bad times ahead for the league.

And the NFL got dragged into court over this awful woke rule.

NFL’s controversial Rooney Rule

In 2003, what is now known as the league’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee implemented the “Rooney Rule,” named after the late owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers Dan Rooney.

The Rooney Rule stipulated that each team needed to interview one minority candidate when their head coaching job became open.

Ahead of the 2022 season, the league expanded the Rooney Rule to include women and the requirement to interview women and minority candidates for general manager and coaching staff positions.

“Following the 2022 Spring League Meeting, the Rooney Rule was expanded to include women as a part of the minority candidate definition and also include the QB coach position. NFL teams are now required to interview at least two minority candidates for vacant head coach, GM, and coordinator positions. One minority candidate is required for the QB coach position. With many prospective head coaches beginning their careers in the QB room, the ruling is expected to help increase the hiring of diverse head coaches in the future,” the league website reads.

The NFL also began awarding extra draft picks to teams who developed women and minority candidates who left for promotions with other organizations.

The NFL ends up in court over the Rooney Rule

Anti-white racism is now a staple of modern day liberalism.

Under the guise of DEI, corporations and government agencies implemented a racial spoils system that rewarded traditional Democrat constituencies based solely on their race.

The Supreme Court striking down affirmative action in college admissions opened the door to the next legal front in the Left’s race-based agenda – corporate DEI programs.

America First Legal – founded by former Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller – is now suing the NFL for violating the federal civil rights laws by implementing race-based interview and hiring procedures.

“This letter serves as notice to you and to the owners of the thirty-two member clubs that the NFL’s illegal employment practices expose these individuals to substantial risk, including, inter alia, the risk of being a target of litigation alleging a conspiracy to violate civil rights. As Commissioner, you are ‘the principal executive officer of the League and have general supervision of its business and affairs,’” a letter from America First Legal to the NFL read.

“As such, and as you have recognized, your ‘No. 1 job is protecting the integrity of the game.’ It is, therefore, your responsibility to protect the integrity of the NFL by ensuring that its employment and contracting practices comply with our civil rights laws and controlling Supreme Court authorities,” the letter added.

The Supreme Court’s held since the 1970s that federal civil rights laws apply to everyone.

Conservatives want to end the DEI discrimination running wild on college campuses and corporate America.

And the NFL looks like it might be ground zero in that fight.

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