A Chrysler CEO made one prediction about electric vehicles that Joe Biden will hate

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The electric vehicle revolution that Joe Biden promised is in shambles.

Now he’s getting a wake-up call about what comes next.

And a Chrysler CEO made one prediction about electric vehicles that Joe Biden will hate.

The bad news about electric vehicles keeps piling up with no end in sight.

Tesla – the most successful company in the sector – reported that its deliveries dropped to their lowest level since 2020 during the pandemic.

An electric vehicle manufacturer, Rivan, turned in a disappointing first quarter along with shutting down production at a major plant in Illinois.

Former Chrysler CEO talks electric

Former Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli – who guided the company through the automotive crisis during the Great Recession – said that electric vehicle startups had a bleak future during an appearance on Fox Business.

“They’re having one heck of a time,” Nardelli said. “These startups are just not going to make it.”

President Joe Biden is trying to force drivers to buy electric vehicles but it’s not working.

“This is just another issue, another debacle by this administration trying to create a revolution versus allowing an evolution,” Nardelli continued. “You can’t force it down consumers’ throats.”

The failed Obama policies are back

Nardelli said that the electric push by Biden mirrors the heavy-handed regulations on the auto industry he saw under former President Barack Obama when he was running Chrysler.

“They basically said the average mileage for an internal combustion engine had to increase significantly, therefore limiting the number of Ram trucks I could produce,” Nardelli explained. “So we had to produce smaller cars. The consumer said ‘no thanks,’ and they had to find an off-ramp then.”

Trucks were the most popular and profitable vehicles in the Chrysler (now Stellantis) lineup.

“When I was at Chrysler, the average [car] age was 11 years. It’s now grown to 12.6 years,” Nardelli added. “Consumers are still saying, ‘I’ll make the decision on what I want to buy. [This] administration, yet another debacle with EVs, you’re not going to force me to do that.’”

Weak consumer demand for electric vehicles is causing major automakers to cut back on production and revise their targets for future sales.

The vast majority of the public won’t make the switch to electric voluntarily so Biden is resorting to mandates to make it happen.

Eliminating the competition from gasoline-powered vehicles, by regulating them out of existence, is the only way that the mass adoption of electric vehicles will ever happen.

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