Dennis Quaid revealed something about his faith that Hollywood never saw coming

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The secular entertainment industry is openly hostile to people of faith.

That’s why it’s surprising to see someone go against the grain in Tinseltown.

And Dennis Quaid revealed something about his faith that Hollywood never saw coming.

Actor Dennis Quaid has had a decorated career in Hollywood that’s spanned more than four decades.

Known for his roles in hits like The Big Easy, Traffic, and Great Balls of Fire!, he’s been declared one of the best actors in history to never get an Academy Award nomination by The Guardian.

But the fame that came with being a Hollywood celebrity took its toll on Quaid.

Dennis Quaid struggled with drug addiction

Quaid told The Sunday Times that he struggled with cocaine addiction throughout his career.

“I was doing about two grams a day,” Quaid said. “I was lucky. I had one of those white-light experiences where I saw myself being dead and losing everything I had worked for my whole life.”

His career was nearly derailed by his addiction and eating disorders when he lost 40 pounds to play gunfighter Doc Holliday – who suffered from tuberculosis – in the 1994 Western Wyatt Earp.

Quaid told Fox News Digital that he grew up going to church but lost touch with his faith as he got older.

But he returned to his faith after he was able to get clean from cocaine.

“[I] read the Bible again, cover to cover, and was really struck by the words of Jesus, and that’s where my personal relationship with Jesus started,” Quaid said. “That’s grown over the years.”

“So, I wrote ‘On My Way to Heaven’, which is the song that I wrote for my mother back in 1990. When I got out of cocaine school, as I call it,” Quaid added.

Quaid said that he put his faith in things that didn’t work instead of in God during his addiction.

“It was the after. Getting clean all of that – that’s where the personal relationship started, and that really does fill up the hole. It’s a great way to live life,” Quaid stated.

Dennis Quaid releases a gospel album

Quaid released his first gospel album Fallen last July, which was a new experience for the veteran entertainer.

It was inspired by his own journey with faith.

“It’s autobiographical,” Quaid explained. “It turns out to be a part of the story. My spiritual journey.”

He added that faith had become everything in his life.

“It’s a God-sized hole,” Quaid remarked. “I think it’s inside all of us that we fill with other things. It’s really important to me. It makes life worthwhile. It explains a lot of things that we don’t have words for.”

Dennis Quaid used faith to fill the hole in his life and came out a better man for it.

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