A smokin’ hot WWE star was kicked out of a hotel for this shocking reason

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Professional wrestlers have become infamous for their wild lives outside of the ring.

They often don’t receive the A-list treatment that other big-name celebrities get.

And a smokin’ hot WWE star was kicked out of a hotel for this shocking reason.

Chelsea Green is one of the stars of the WWE’s women’s division wrestling under the Raw brand.

This former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion found herself in the middle of an embarrassing situation in New York City.

WWE women’s wrestler kicked out of hotel after being accused of being an escort

The WWE was holding its Monday Night Raw show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

This was the final episode leading into the biggest event of the year for wrestling, WrestleMania.

Following Raw, on Tuesday, Green decided to meet up with some friends at a hotel in Manhattan before she celebrated her birthday the next day.

Normally, celebrities in New York City can expect VIP treatment but she got a shocking reception from the hotel’s staff.

Green tried to get some drinks with friends at the Plaza Hotel’s Champagne Bar before heading out to see a show on Broadway.

But the hotel’s staff claimed she was an escort and asked her to leave.

“Man… one night you’re wrestling at Barclays Center, having the time of your life and the next you’re being kicked out of @FairmontHotels and accused of being an escort because of your outfit,” Green posted to X.

She was wearing a coat, denim skirt, a white tube top, and boots at the hotel.

Not the typical escort attire, but that didn’t stop the overzealous hotel staffers.

Hotel staff gets pushy with women’s wrestling star

Green told TMZ that she showed up at the hotel bar around 5:45 PM with a friend and was asked to leave because they weren’t staying at the hotel.

One of the patrons at the bar tried to invite the former women’s tag champion and her friend to join him when a hotel staffer snapped at her.

“Get back here. We aren’t playing your games. We know what you’re doing here,” Green recounted security shouting at her.

She said that she was upset by the incident because she was dressed up for a normal night out on the town.

TMZ called and confirmed that The Plaza’s Champagne Bar is open to the public after the incident.

Green confronted the workers at the hotel’s front desk and told them she was “pissed” and “embarrassed” over the incident.

New security guards came up and asked her to leave after that.

Chelsea Green said that she hoped that the hotel would review the security footage and offer her an apology after the incident garnered headlines.

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