This RINO traitor will make your blood boil after this heinous double cross

Cotterell, Bill, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Conservatives continue to see their elected officials roll over for the Left.

It’s a dispiriting situation heading into the November election.

And this RINO traitor will make your blood boil after this heinous double cross.

Florida RINO Rick Scott says he would repeal Pro-Life heartbeat bill

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) is the latest establishment RINO to waive the white flag of surrender in the face of the pro-abortion extremists.

Republicans continue to curl up into a turtle shell on this issue as opposed to going on offense.

Democrats got a referendum on the November ballot to override a law signed by Governor Ron DeSantis that protected life after six weeks, the point at which doctors could detect a baby’s heartbeat and literally no one could argue it’s not a living human being.

The referendum requires 60% percent to pass, meaning a determined conservative opposition could defeat the attempt to ingrain abortion-on-demand into the Florida State Constitution.

Enter Rick Scott.

Scott threw the pro-abortion side a major lifeline, telling supporters he would support rewriting the heartbeat law in favor of a much weaker 15-week Pro-life bill, which would allow around 94 percent of all abortions to still take place.

Scott claimed he was “pro-life” but said there was “way more consensus” around restricting abortion after fifteen weeks as long as “exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother” were included.

“If I was writing a bill, I’d think that fifteen weeks with the limitations is where the state’s at,” Scott added.

Scott then tried to cover up his pro-abortion sellout by arguing he was only slightly less pro-abortion than the Democrats.

“I think the other thing is we ought to be very clear that Democrats are barbaric. They’ve already already voted to allow abortion up until the moment of birth,” Scott concluded.

Not Rick Scott’s first rodeo

Rick Scott’s been a continual source of disappointment since winning the Florida Gubernatorial Election in 2010.

Despite campaigning as a tea party conservative that year, Scott shifted gears and tried to accept Obamacare’s socialist Medicaid expansion.

Scott only reversed course in the face of a massive public pressure campaign.

Conservatives should have known right then and there that Rick Scott was not someone they could trust when the chips were down.

And true to form, the worst was yet to come.

Scott caved to the woke mob and appointed a special prosecutor to investigate George Zimmerman for allegedly shooting and killing Trayvon Martin while also questioning Florida’s commonsense stand your ground law.

That was just a preview of what was to come.

In 2018, Scott folded to gun-grabbers like anti-gun extremist David Hogg and signed legislation raising the age in Florida to purchase a rifle to 21 and approving red-flag gun confiscation laws.

Scott’s abortion sellout didn’t come out of nowhere.

Rick Scott’s never been on the side of conservatives when push comes to shove.

Anytime there is a fight with the Left, Scott will tuck tail and run.

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