A jaw-dropping knockout left the crowd on their feet at UFC 300

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Ultimate Fighting Championship held their historic 300th pay-per-view show.

The card featured a moment for the ages.

And that’s because this jaw-dropping knockout left the crowd on their feet at UFC 300.

Max Holloway defeats Justin Gaethje to win BMF Title

Hollywood couldn’t have scripted the ending to the BMF – “Baddest Motherf***er” Title fight between Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje any better.

In the final ten seconds of the fight, Holloway demanded Gaethje stand toe-to-toe with hand and trade punches to try and end the contest rather than have the judges pick a winner.

Holloway was ahead going into the final exchange and all he had to do was avoid a knockout and he would have won the fight on a decision.

But Holloway didn’t want to win that way and Gaethje – knowing his only chance was a miracle last-second knockout – obliged.

With one second left in the fight Holloway put Gaethje to sleep with a vicious right hand that sent the sold-out crowd at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas into delirium.

UFC stars react to the knockout and Holloway becomes an instant star

UFC stars in attendance such as Gilbert Burns and Michael Chandler reacted like giddy children when seeing the knockout.

UFC President Dana White praised Holloway in the post-fight press conference saying the knockout was like something from a movie.

“That’s why Max Holloway is beloved,” White told reporters. “He’s got the fight won and in there with one of the most dangerous fighters in the business. That’s like movie s***. It’s the fight of the year. If something beats that as fight of the year, holy s***.”

White also knew this knockout created a new megastar in Holloway that White can promote for another big time pay-per-view fight.

That’s why White also awarded Holloway a $600,000 bonus for best fight and best moment of the night.

UFC 300 was an historic card.

These anniversary shows only come around once every eight years or so.

And UFC 300 will be remembered for all time thanks to Max Holloway’s iconic knockout.

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