Justin Bieber shared a secret about his wife Hailey that left ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez crying her eyes out

Joe Bielawa, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Justin Bieber was only 15 years old when he recorded his first hit single, Baby, featuring rap superstar Ludacris.

But Bieber’s career was put on hold after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2020, followed by Ramsay Hunt Syndrome in 2022.

And Justin Bieber shared a secret about his wife Hailey that left ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez crying her eyes out.

Justin Bieber took the pop music world by storm at the young age of 15 and eventually earned the titles “Prince of Pop” and “King of Teen Pop” for his massive success.

Throughout his career, Bieber sold an estimated 150 million records worldwide.

He is the first artist in history to produce new number-one singles in back-to-back weeks on the Hot 100 and is the youngest male soloist to debut at number one in the United States.

Bieber is also the first artist ever to reach number one on seven multi-metric Billboard charts.

Aside from his amazing musical talents, Bieber was also known for the adoration he received from teenage girls.

Many people likened Bieber’s effect on girls to that of legends Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

But Bieber announced in 2010 that he was in a serious relationship with fellow artist Selena Gomez.

Bieber and Gomez dated off and on for the next several years before he entered a relationship with model Hailey Baldwin, daughter of famed actor Stephen Baldwin.

Justin and Hailey were married in November of 2018 and have been together ever since.

He recently shared an announcement with his fans that left his ex-girlfriend Gomez in a state of depression.

Justin and Hailey are having their first child.

“Hailey is a little more than six months pregnant,” NBC News reported. 

“The Instagram slideshow post began with a video of what seems to be the Biebers renewing their wedding vows in a field,” NBC News continued. “A song, which appears to feature Justin singing, plays over the clip of the pair as they kiss and drink.”

“The post features four more photos from the shoot, including two of Justin appearing to snap a shot of Hailey’s belly, one of the couple kissing and one of Justin standing behind Hailey with the focus on her stomach,” NBC News added.

While the announcement put a smile on the faces of his millions of fans, it sent tears down Gomez’s cheek.

Bieber was Gomez’s first love.

First loves are hard for many people to get over and move on with their lives.

Therapist Sally Baker told The Mirror that “even though you can wish them well and be happy with how your romantic life is playing out, there will be touch points of pain as you watch events from the sidelines of your ex’s life.”

“Your ex’s announcement that their partner is having a baby is the hardest,” she said. “New life is always fantastic news, but it’s hard to hear.”

Not long after Bieber’s announcement, Gomez posted a photo of herself online with her boyfriend Benny Blanco.

“As the world focuses on Bieber’s news Gomez knows the world will then look for reaction,” Baker said, before adding that she is happy Gomez has a “hand to hold and love in her life.” 

“This is a tough one,” she concluded.